David Mann and his wife, Tamela Mann, who have been married since 1988 are adorable on social media.

HitBerryPublished on   05 Apr, 2016Updated on   25 May, 2021

David Mann and his wife Tamela Mann who have been married for over a long time are still very much in love and have shown it in pictures through their social media profiles. Especially on sites like Instagram and facebook.

They have shared pictures of them having a good time with their children over weekends and on their farm house. They have also posted pictures of them together where they go on to prove as to how adorable they are as a couple.

David has also shown his concrete support toward his wife as she has just release her new single “One Way”. David’s cover photo on his Facebook page which is home to over 2.5 million followers shows a cover of his wife singing her latest single.

Also all of David’s social media display pictures are of him and his wife. In all of them they look adorable as ever. David has always mentioned as to how he and his wife are a team and the support they lend each other is undisputed to any.

David and his wife Tamela have been married for a long time and they have four children. The more amazing part to their story is that they are also grandparents and have eight grandchildren. They are also known to have always worked together as a team professionally.

They also renewed their wedding vows a couple of years earlier as they had reached the silver jubilee mark. They have featured as a couple in several shows some of which are “Kirk Franklin and the Family” and “Meet the Browns”.

David as a professional is known to have multiple careers as he specializes in more than one field. He is an actor, singer and also a standup comedian. He has had a successful career in movies which are made in a reality type of manner and he has always portrayed himself.

Some of his works that have gained widespread recognition include “I Can Do Bad All by Myself”, “Medea’s Family Reunion”, “Medea’s Class Reunion”, “Medea goes to Jail” and “Meet the Browns”. He has also featured himself in TV shows such as “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne”.

He and his wife’s collaborations are titled “Mann & Wife” and “It’s a Mann’s World”.

David’s net worth has been estimated to be somewhere around $5 million. It is believed that he has made most of his earnings as a performing professional especially through his singing ability whilst featuring with his wife in many albums. The most popular group they were a part of is called “The Family” (not to be mistaken with the indie rock band).

David also happens to be a very popular personality on social media and boast of more than 3 Million followers on his various social media accounts.