David Koch still loves his wife, Julia, even after 20 years of married life.

HitBerryPublished on   30 Mar, 2016Updated on   30 Mar, 2016

David Koch is an American businessman, philanthropist, political activist and chemical engineer. He is the executive vice president of Koch Industries, a conglomerate that is the second largest private held company in the United States. Koch has been married to wife Julia Margaret Flesher for 20 years now since their wedding in Southampton, circa 1996.

 Also known for philanthropy to cultural and medical institutions, support of libertarian and conservative causes, Koch is an alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Condé Nast Portfolio cited him as "one of the most generous but low-key philanthropists in America".  Koch has contributed to numerous charities including Lincoln Center, Sloan Kettering, New York-Presbyterian Hospital and the Dinosaur Wing at the American Museum of Natural History. The New York State Theater at Lincoln Center, home of the New York City Ballet was renamed the David H. Koch Theater in 2008 following a gift of 100 million dollars for the renovation of the theater from Koch.

 Koch met Julia Flesher back in 1991, the attractive blonde daughter of an Arkansas junk dealer, when he was 50. Julia pursued graduation from the University of Central Arkansas. Prior to her marriage, Julia worked as an assistant to a dress designer in New York “Adolfo”, on occasion actually dressing Nancy Reagan in her famous knit suits.

The couple was introduced by another couple. Their first date was a flop. He is also a survivor of the USAir Flight 1493 crash in 1991, this incident unintentionally played cupid to David and Julia. Several months later, Julia approached Koch at a party. She had heard about the plane crash, and she told him how glad she was he hadn’t died. Shortly after that, the couple began dating. However a year later, Koch was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Koch and Julia got married in the groom house of Southampton in 1996. The marriage faced many oppositions and suspicion from the grande dames of the New York society. Apparently this disapproval continued even after marriage, with Julia being shunned from New York’s elite club.  They have three children, David Koch Jr., Mary Julia Koch and John Mark Koch. David and Julia come out of their house no more than several times a week, mostly to fund-raisers or the ballet. Julia, who feels she was unfairly characterized in a 1998 New York Times Magazine story about her debut as co-chair of the Met’s annual Costume Institute Gala, tends to avoid the limelight.

In an interview with the NY Mag, family guy Koch revealed that unlike his parents, he does not maintain a certain “English” distance and likes to get down on the floor and wrestle with his kids. His carousing days are definitely behind him but about his marriage to Julia, he says. “My wife knows that I’m as devoted as a choirboy to her,” he says. “I would never, ever do anything to compromise my relationship with Julia.”

David Koch has an estimate net worth of a jaw dropping $44.3 billion, the guy definitely makes a fortune as his salary.