David Hasselhoff says he wants to retire and stop paying alimony.

The Hoff, David Hasselhoff has been paying his former wife Pamela Bach $21,000 every month ever since their divorce in 2006.

David Hasselhoff and ex-wife Pamela.                                                                         Source: TMZ 

In a chat with Weekend magazine, he said: "I'd tear up all my divorce papers so I could stop paying alimony. Before I even get out of bed I have to clear $50,000 (£33,000) every month just to break even!"

According to Hoff, during the tenure of ten years of him supporting Pamela, she has never made an effort to support herself and has completely depended on him all this time. The actor has become so frustrated with the entire spousal support thing that he admitted he'd commit the crime  if he could get away with it was to "tear up all his divorce papers" so he could stop paying out alimony to his ex-wife.

Young David and Pamela.                                                                                                       Source: Mirror UK 

California law dictates that the breadwinner during a marriage sets a precedent to pay alimony indefinitely if the marriage is deemed ‘long term,’ meaning longer than a decade. And since Pamela and David were married for more than 10 years, David was bound to support his wife ever since their divorce in 2006.

The 63-year-old actor is now dating Hayley Roberts, his girlfriend of 5 years. 

The Hoff with his current lover Hayley Roberts.                        Source: DailyMail 

After 10 years of supporting his wife, David has finally filed legal docs asking a judge to cut off all spousal support to his former wife. He further explained his situation to the judge saying “he’s getting to the age where retirement should be looming but that can’t happen with a gigantic, monthly alimony nut” reports TMZ.

The legend who’s having a hard time at the age of retirement is struggling to prevent looting of his retirement account with his monthly gross of $112,000 being hardly enough to cover his expenses and spousal support.

David has even admitted to Pamela being a talented actor and producer and could easily get herself a job but she just doesn’t try. Well, all we can do is hope that this whole spousal support matter comes to some conclusion real soon and David gets to head straight to the beach for his retirement, not Baywatch!

David Hasselhoff as Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch.                                                         Source: Mirror UK