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David Giuntoli Married or not? Confirms their Relationship and Engagement

June 14, 2017
First published on:April 13, 2017
by HitBerry

Are you guys familiar with David Giuntoli? No? Then you might know him as Nick Burkhardt, yes! From the NBC supernatural drama Grimm. The famous American actor David is also known for 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and Buddymoon.

We all know him for his mind blowing roles in his movies. But, many of us might be unaware of his personal life as he loves to keep his personal life well wrapped up.  Wanna know who is he currently dating? Stay with us.

Is David Giuntoli Married? Who is He Currently Dating?

Well, the 36-year-old American actor David is not married yet. It seems as the famous star is still searching for the suitable time to tie a knot with her sweetheart. Though he is not married, he is in a live-in relation with his partner Bitsie Tulloch for a quite long time.

Source: Instagram

Bitsie Tulloch is also an American actress, known for her role of Juliette Silverton in the TV series Grimm. David and Bitsie first met during the shooting of their first season of the television series Grimm in 2011. The couple developed intimacy during the first season of the series.

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Actor David Guintoli and his to be wife Bitsie Tulloch

Actor David Guintoli and his fiance Bitsie Tulloch, Source:

After being close for a short period of time, they became a girlfriend-boyfriend and started to date each other. The couple first kept relation under the wrap but they came forth and announced that they were in the relation back in December 2014.

David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch are Engaged

Now, the couple is not only the love birds as they engaged last year. They first revealed that they are engaged for a while in July 2016. In between the release of the new trailer of their sitcom, they confessed, they were engaged since April 2016.

They revealed

We did decide that Comic-Con...I was going to wear the ring out in public for the first time

Bitsie shared with Entertainment Tonight.

 David added

we've just been quietly enjoying it.

After announcing their engagement, Bitsie shared a picture on her Instagram. She did nothing more but flashed her engagement ring making her fans aware of their relation. After remaining as an engaged couple for over a year, they have not planned for Tying the knot.

David Giuntoli and his fiance Bitsie Tulloch in a shopping mall

David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch in a shopping mall, Source:

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The couple hasn't still announced when they actually getting married. They are just enjoying their togetherness before and after their engagement.

David Giuntoli's Other Affairs

Prior to his involvement in a love relation with his fiance Bitsie, David dated some super hot Hollywood divas. He was once involved in a romantic relationship with American model Mary-Beth Decker. They dated each other for a short term and later broke up in the same year.

David Giuntoli's ex-girlfriend Cara Zavaleta, Source:

After he broke up with his girlfriend Mary, he started dating an American model Cara Zavaleta. He spent some quality time with Cara, however, he couldn't establish a long term relation with her either. He left the relation later in 2004 after remaining in the relation for almost a year.