What is David Corn's Net Worth? Know about his sources of income

It is true that actors earn lots of money from movies and all. But, have you ever wondered, what the journalists earn? Nobody knows the earnings of reporters and paparazzi. Get a chance to know about the popular political jounalist David Corn's net worth.

With popularity not less than a TV star, David Corn has already earned enough for him to roam the earth without trouble. He can travel the world and not think about the expenses at all.

David Corn's Net Worth

One of the wealthiest TV reporters, David Corn's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. As the journalist did not open up about his wealth, thus his statics are still not known.

David Corn's Net Worth David Corn

Talking about his earnings, David earns through several TV shows and journalism. He is the chief of the popular investigative magazine, MoJo. He also appears on the FOX, MSNBC, and other news platforms. The journalist also earns through book writing and book reviewing.

Corn's books are another source of his income. The Kindle edition of his book, 'The Lies of George W. Bush' has a price of $12.99 and 'Deep Background' has $4. The paperback price  of such has $209 and $2.97. All in all, the journalist has earned a lot through book royalties.

David Corn’s net worth status and popularity have earned him an estimated $1 million. However, all these sources have made us think that the 58-years old reporter is worth more than a million dollars.

David Corn and his awards

The political journalist, in his professional career, has earned himself the George Polk Award. The award was given to him in 2012 for the video ’47 Percent’. The video was a secret tape of the then, presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. The tape was secretly published in ‘Mother Jones’ on September 17.

For the award, the sponsors wrote, “David Corn of Mother Jones will receive the George Polk Award for Political Reporting for a story that rocked the nation and perhaps cost Mitt Romney the Presidential election.”

Sexual Harassment against David Corn

The chief editor of the Washington bureau of Mother Jones was accused of having "inappropriate workplace behavior" as quoted by the Politico. The case was charged against him three years ago. Hence, he is thought to be under internal investigation for a quite time now.

Boingboing.net has quoted the David Corn's statement as is. The statement said, "I am an exuberant person and have been known to pat male and female colleagues on the shoulder or slap them on the back, but always in a collegial or celebratory way."

David Corn's Mini-bio

David Corn is an American born political journalist and an author. Mostly known as the chief of the Washington Bureau for Mother Jones, he is also the editor for The Nation. Corn is also a regular on FOX, MSNBC, National Public Radio, and Bloggingheads.tv.

Moreover, the author has several fiction and non-fiction outputs with the George Polk Award in journalism. He also has been a reviewer of books since sometimes. The author cum journalist is in a happy married life with Welmoed Laanstra. They have two children, Maaike and Amarins Laanstra-Corn.

Even though, David is a famous TV personality, his earnings are not publicized. In conclusion, it can be estimated that the earnings of journalists and TV personalities are the same as Hollywood celebrities. Their net worth is almost the same as compared to the big celebs.