David Chase, age 70, shares why he and his wife Denise Kelly never got divorced even after several decades of married life

January 8, 2016
First Published On: January 8, 2016
by HitBerry


There are very few couples in Hollywood who have been successful in keeping their married life, well… successful. After all, Hollywood celebs are not best known for retaining a harmonious and healthy relationship with their partners. They tend to fall apart quite easily, which is the main reason why countless famous couples either break up or end up divorcing, if they are married.

But not all of them share a similar story. The Sopranos creator, David Chase, is one of few people in Tinsel Town who is married to his first love. She has been with her for more than 4 decades. And today, we are here to talk about the secret behind his 47 year old long and happy married life.

The American writer, director and television producer, aged 70, who is best known for bringing the greatest pop-culture masterpiece in the history of television – that is Sopranos – is not just known for his work. This talented old man is also equally known for his successful married life and his relationship with his dearest wife.

We all know, it takes a great deal of patience, love, compassion and mutual understanding to make a marriage work for almost 50 years.  According to a source close to Chase, the director and his beloved wife Denise Kelly share these aforementioned qualities in their lives in abundance.

“David and Denise have always been in love with each other. They married some 47 years ago and they share the same amount of love and compassion today that they did back then. They are totally into each other and the pair has always been there for each other in the most difficult as well as the happiest times in their lives. This habit of sharing and caring has resulted in the couple being together for almost half a century,” revealed the insider.

The informant further insisted: “It is the trust between David and Denise and the strength of love they have for each other that has resulted in their happily wedded life. David always says that one does not need to possess any extraordinary quality to be with someone. You just simply have to love them from the bottom of your heart.”

So according to our tale-bearer, David believes in love rather than some magical factor that make a relationship between two people work. This is the reason why Chase and Kelly have never faced even a hint of divorce. And we also believe that if there is love, then the life automatically becomes magical and relationships simply work.

Chase has been working in television for almost 40 years. But he has been married to his wife for almost 47 years. The producer, who has produced and written several TV shows and movies, married the love of his life Kelly in 1968, after graduating from the New York University. Kelly was his high school sweetheart. The husband and wife duo have a daughter named Michele DeCesare, who is also an actress.

The multiple Emmy Awards winning director and producer has an estimated net worth of $80 million.