David Boudia and his wife Sonnie Brand are with his daughter Dakoda Boudia is a happy family

October 3, 2016
First published on:October 3, 2016
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David Boudia, an American diver who won the Gold in 10 meter platform diving competition at ‘2012 Summer Olympics’, he and his wife Sonnie brand are married for almost 4 years now and they even have a daughter together named ‘Dakoda Boudia’. Furthermore, it seems like they are not having any issues regarding their relationship and it seems like they are quite a happy family.

David Boudia, Sonnie Brand and their Daughter Dakoda Boudia.

David Boudia and Sonnie Brand met while attending ‘Purdue University’ and got married in October 2012. At present, they reside in West Lafayette, Indiana. With all the pictures they have shared, it looks like they are both happy with their perfect relationship and don’t have any problems so far.

Boudia Family

Boudia Family

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In one of the interviews, Sonnie stated that she has helped David with loads of stuffs like: make dinner for him, fold his laundry, correcting his speeches and etcetera. Though, David gets more attention and has more to do in his life than his relationship, Sonnie still handles every small details and manages their bond. 

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After two years of marriage, they gave birth to their first daughter named ‘Dakota Boudia’. To be exact, it was on September 10th, 2014. Though, she is just a 2-year-old girl, she has her own twitter account. But, I am pretty sure her parents run the account for her. Isn’t that sweet? I know right!! 

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David Boudia

David Boudia is from Abilene, Texas; and he started diving since 2000. In one of the interviews, he stated that the jump he made at the Olympic 10-meter platform once terrified him. Furthermore, he is the one to break ‘600 points in six matches’ record. And to let you peeps know, he wrote a book named ‘Greater Than Gold’ which was published in 2016 by Thomas Nelson. The book lets you go behind the scenes of world-class athletics. 

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Sonnie Brand

Sonnie Brand is one of the personalities who helped David Boudia become who he is today. She is also the one who attended ‘Purdue University’; and where she found the love of her life, David Boudia. Sonnie is mostly active on Instagram and Twitter. There are some awesome pictures, check it out. 

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