David Beckham's Selfie Gives You New Face Which Is Trending Right Now: The Girl In Blue Dress

August 15, 2016
First Published On: August 15, 2016
by HitBerry

Last year, in 2015, football legend and heartthrob to millions of citizens in every part of the world, David Beckham visited a rather small land-locked country Nepal, which lies in between India and China in Asia. Beckham, who has been known to be the goodwill ambassador for United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) paid a visit to the wonderful country to make his 10th anniversary as the ambassador. His project is basically based on a visit to 7 different countries in 7 continents to raise funds for UNICEF itself. He started his trip through Papua New Guinea and reached Nepal to receive the heartiest welcome and love from the crowd that was gathered to watch Beckham at the airport. 

David Beckham at Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu, Nepal

David Beckham at Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu, Nepal

Beckham's famous selfie with a girl in the blue dress

David's visit to Nepal was not only covered by Nepali media, but the news spread all over the world. After all, he possesses a special talent to attract the crowd wherever he goes! In the meantime, 41-year-old David managed to take a few selfies with children and students at a school he paid a visit to. In a specific selfie he posted on facebook, there is something unusually attractive about the picture. What could it possibly be? Must you be guessing the million dollar smile Beckham posed for his selfie? There is something else that out ruled his smile. 

A girl. A quiet-shy school student in a school uniform with the blue shirt and grey pants. 

Yes, you saw it right. David Beckham posted this picture on his Facebook page around 9 months ago - the number of likes, comments and shares are uncountable. There is something so special about this child that has attracted millions of hearts towards this image. It's not just her shirt that's blue, it's her eyes - one can definitely feel  a sense of compassion and sincerity in those deep blue eyes of hers. 

When David went to cheer the crowd up at Bhaktapur Durbar Square, an ancient plaza in Bhaktapur Kingdom which falls under UNESCO world heritage sites, she was there too. A 4th grader named Nargis Banu who studies at a local school, Padmodya Higher Secondary School, was sitting in a corner watching him flaunt his skills in front a wide audience. Beckham caught his eyes on her - he approached her for a selfie and immediately other children too joined him. 

When this picture was posted on his official page, the reactions Facebook users had were mesmerizing. Some were commenting on Beckham's smile, tattoo, and many others were focused on the little innocent soul. The picture has more than 135,000 likes and around 1400 comments. 

After Nargis was done meeting David, she went back home and immediately told her father Abdul to watch the TV tonight because she got an opportunity to take a picture with a very nice man! How sweet of her to show so much concern!

David's enjoyable moments with children in Nepal

It was not only David who had all the fun. Children from various areas were together with Beckham to celebrate his 10 years anniversary. Few even managed to get some time to prank Beckham in one of his selfies. 

Yes, you saw it right! The kid on the back is using his full energy to make David's bunny ears on his selfie. It really is a very cute picture and it proves that David does deserve to be working with UNICEF!

Warm Welcome for David in Nepal

David was welcomed in a rather traditional manner as he reached to Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Thousands of well-wishers gathered around the ground to take a short look at the legend - David Beckham. Students from Shree Padma School were honoured with the opportunity to welcome Beckham with garlands and his face was painted with color crimson, which denotes the national color of the country.

David also took pride in his good work to promote the culture and traditions of the country. The former Manchester United player, without any hesitation, happily sported a Dhaka topi (national hat) on his head and readily accepted to put Tika on his forehead (traditional offering at times of celebrations) to mark his respect for the most popular religion in Nepal - Hinduism.