Dave Navarro Net worth, Career and Band

February 14, 2018
First Published On: June 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Many of you might be familiar with Red Hot Chili Peppers David Navarro who is linked with it all in all. David Navarro also famous as David Michael is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter as well as actor.


As Dave Navarro is famous among millions of people many of his fans are keen to know about Dave Navarro Net worth, Career, and Band. So if you are also among them then keep scrolling.

Dave Navarro Net worth

Dave Navarro works in the field of music and acting speak for itself and so does his personality. He is best known as founding member of alternative rock band Jane’s Addiction and he is one of the former members of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Now with those affiliations and achievements, it is no surprise that this American Rockstar has earned property worth of millions. Although he hasn’t revealed his salary, David’s net worth might be around $25 million.

This multi-instrumentalist is best known as the guitarist, Dave currently plays for Jane’s Addiction and Camp Freddy.

Dave Navarro career and band

Born in Santa Monica, California, United States of America, Navarro took up with piano when he was 6 years old. His passion shifted with age and eventually, his interest got switched to guitar at around 11 after his father gifted him an acoustic guitar.  Navarro soon started exposing himself to rock music and was highly influenced by legends Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton. Navarro started playing electric guitar and his musical interest branched out into alternative music. He picked lessons from guitarists from every genre ranging from Metal to rock to alternative during his times at high school. At that time, he met Stephen Perking, to be his future Jane’s Addiction bandmate.

In March of 1983, his mother was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, John Riccardi and later Dave moved in with his father. This shock led him to drugs and soon struggled with his performances at school. He was expelled before he could even get graduated. But in 1986 his life changed and that sure was for better. Navarro joined band Jane’s Addiction in 1986 which was recommended by Stephen Perkings. The band became very successful and popular. But due to their personal problems band got split in 1991. Navarro even refused to join legendary Guns’ and Roses. Dave later joined RHCP in September 1993. He was fired in 1998 over their creative differences.’Trust No One’ marked his solo debut in 2001. Jane’s Addiction reformed in 2002 and Jane was one of its members. Dave also began working as co-host along with Brooke Bruke for two seasons of Mark Burnett television series. Jane’s Addiction reunited once again in 2008 with all of its original members. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers were inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of fame in 2012 with his name absent in it despite being affiliated for five long years and playing one album.

Dave has been married three times: Tania Goddard (1990-1993, divorced), Rhian Gittins (October 15, 1994- October 20, 1994, annulled) ad model and actress, Gorgeous Carmen Electra (2003-2007, divorced). Dave is currently dating Fox News Anchor Andrea Tantaros. The couple is currently happy and is planning to get married in near future.

Dave has been joining twitter since February 2008 with his original name as @DaveNavarro.