Dave French married to his wife Brianna Keilar for 7 years. Know about their relation.

With the end of one chapter in life, the need for other chapter appears and how long can a person keep holding on to a broken relationship? He/She eventually crosses the hurdle and jumps to a next and exciting chapter of life.

So on today's topic, we cover the broken relationship of Brianna Keilar a CNN reporter who has chosen to leave her past relationship with Dave French behind and has chosen to take her relationship to a new horizon with Fernando Lujan who is a director of  Afghanistan and Pakistan in National Security Council in White House.

So, today we are going to take a look at her former married life and her recently developing story with Lujan. The Australian-born CNN anchor who is a sexy newscaster for CNN is beautiful as well as attractive and has recently set an example by many of her fans who are going through tough time in the relationship.

Caption: Brianna Keilar is engaged to her boyfriend, Fernando Lujan

She has proved that is you want to forget someone, it is possible. She deleted all of the pictures of her former husband from Instagram recently and has been engaged to Fernando Lujan in recent days.

Brianna Keilar married Dave French in 2009 till 2015

The long time lovers Dave French and Brianna Keilar married each other at held at Sedona, Arizona in front of the friends and family. The arrangement of the event and all of the management work related to the wedding was done by The famous Tlaquepaque. The wedding was an example of extravaganza in the beautiful Sedona.

Well when the freelance production assistant/producer married the CNN reporter it looked the beautiful couple were made for each other but now when we see her engaged  with Fernando, we realize that everyone's life has a story only thing behind it is some people try their best to hide it from the world.

Who is she currently dating?

She is dating a handsome Director for National Security Council Whitehouse for  Afghanistan and Pakistan named Fernando Lujan. The news of Brianna's engagement with Fernando Lujan  was given to the world by CNN's blog. The long time friends turned couple has an interesting story to share.

Brianna in her personal interview told CNN that, she was trying to set Lujan up with her friends but she ended up dating him. Dave French proposed Brianna on Monday, July 4, 2016, which was independence day in the United States of America.

Kellar says, and she kept trying to set Lujan up with her friends. In the end, he eventually asked her out himself.

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