Darren Shahlavi is remembered by his ex-wife a year after his death.

March 23, 2016
First published on:March 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Darren Shahlavi popular Hollywood stunt man who passed away last year is being remembered by his ex-wife. Darren death has been rumored to be a possible drug over dose.  However it has been clarified the medication which led him to his death was prescribed.

Many of his colleagues and various celebrities with whom Darren worked with remembered him recently in a number of tweets and post on social media. His ex-wife Luraina Undershute a former professional kick boxer also remembered him a year after his death.

It has also been rumored that Darren had a very sad and long history of drug and alcohol conusmtion. However there is no clear evidence to support the claim but many have also inclined towards this theory which may be the actual reason of his sudden death.

It has been suggested that his ex-wife Luraina has shared a few anecdotes from their time together to friends and family at a gathering which was held in remembrance for Darren. Unfortunately Darren had no children in his short married life. However it was known that due to his busy work schedule raising a family constantly clashed with his goals.

Darren however has left behind him a very illustrious career with over hundred different projects spanning several continents from one end of the globe to the other. Some of his most well- known movies are “I Spy”, “300”, “Mortal Kombat”. However Darren’s most famous role in movies was in “Ip Man 2” where he portrayed the role of “The Twister”.

He was mostly known for playing the villain in martial arts themed movies such as “Bloodmoon” and “Tai Chi Boxer”. However in recent years he had also begun to feature in independent feature films with some bug names in Hollywood such as Robin Williams in “The Final Cut”.

In the sphere of TV shows he was known for shows where he displayed his exceptional skills. Some of them are” Arrow”, “High Moon”, “True Justice” and “Survival Code”. At the time of his death it has been rumored that he was on his way to starting in a new production.

Prior to moving west Darren was a big name in the east especially in the Asian film market. Particularly in Hong Kong. Being an outsider specializing in martial arts helped him land a number of roles and a highly respected stunt man and artist of his generation.

His net worth at the time of his death remained undisclosed. However his closest family happens to be his actress sister Lis Shahlavi and Malouse Shahlavi who saw him through his last rights.

In 2015 when the third installment of the “Ip Man” series released he was dearly felicitated and missed by co-actors and crew alike. 

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