Darren Criss and his Girlfriend Mia Swie are in a Relationship, Find out his Dating Rumors

July 3, 2018
First Published On: March 5, 2017

Note: It's Mia Swier not Mia Swie.

Darren Criss is an American actor, songwriter, and singer. He is the founding member and co-owner of Starkid productions in Chicago. The 30-year-old guy has managed to keep a high profile in his professional life.

Darren Criss came to highlight after his very first Glee episode in 2010. Apart from his professional life, we will be discussing his private life since many queries of his love life are still to be answered.

Darren Criss and Mia Swier are dating since 2010

Sometimes I wonder why famous people do not reveal their personal life. Maybe they are so upset with the media because of the exaggeration of the news. Darren also is very secretive regarding his personal life but we have something that you might not have known before.

Darren Criss and Mia Swier 


You may mark Darren Criss as a crush because he's already taken. Darren Criss is in a relationship with Mia Swier for so long. It is known that the couple began dating since 2010 but it was revealed some months later.


Darren and Mia are one of the cutest couple in the town with many things in common. Darren indirectly revealed that they were in a relationship as he did not correct the interviewer after he stated Mia as his girlfriend.

 The beautiful couple is seen being cozy at the public nowadays.They are seen attending events and gatherings together.

Darren and Mia had a date night in 2016. The couple was spotted holding hands as they head out of The Nice Guy (lounge) in West Hollywood, Calif. The couple seems happy. We have a picture of them for you. Give a look.


Darren says that they were together for years and he did not know he was going to be on TV when he started dating. Well, that’s what people call love. You don’t fall in love by looking at someone's future. It happens!

Darren and Mia were once spotted in the JFK airport in New York. Darren was quite unrecognizable as he had different look than the TV show. Once the fans noticed it was Darren, he was busy giving poses for photographs and autographs. Seems like the couple are traveling a lot.

Mia and Darren in NFK airport


The couple is together till now. Their bonding is stronger than before They are showing no sign of a split. This kind of love is very rare to find nowadays.I wish these couple would never be apart.