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Darby Stanchfield's secretly married for last 6 years!! Husband finally revealed!!

November 3, 2015
First published on:November 3, 2015
by HitBerry

Scandal star Darby Stanchfield, who had been hiding the identity of her mystery husband for almost six years has finally given up and revealed the name of her other half. And he is none other than 50 year old Joseph Gallegos.

A few months back, several media outlets claimed that the actress, aged 44 was married. But nobody knew the identity of her husband. Darby, who currently plays the role of Abby Whelan, the President’s White House press secretary, in the ABC political drama Scandal, had been keeping the identity of her husband a secret. But now that we know who he is, let’s find out more about him. 

Darby’s husband is none other than Joseph Gallegos, a top entertainment professional who has his own marketing and content agency called 101 North. The photo of the couple attending Confidential's 10th Anniversary Party in December 2012 in Los Angeles was also recently made public. 

The speculation about her husband’s identity began back in 2009 when the actress added Joseph’s name to deed of her Los Angeles based $900,000 home, which she had bought in 2006 herself. But now, after years of speculations and guessing games, the mystery is finally out.

The English online mag, Daily Mail Online deciphered the code to her secret married life and learned the identity of Draby’s husband. How did she manage to cover up her personal life despite being famous? We might never know.

Now, coming back to her husband, Joseph Gallegos is a former executive of Trailer Park, which is one of the world’s largest entertainment and content marketing agency. He has also had his hands in multi-channel/multi-lingual global campaigns and is responsible for producing content for entertainment properties, and consumer brands as well.  His most valuable works include Jurassic World, 21 Jump Street, Interstellar, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Frozen. Wow! Now that’s what we call impressive.  

Talking about how the media came to know about her big secret, the Scandal star, aged 44 bought three-bedroom, four-bath, 1,608 square foot Los Angeles home in 2006, which cost around $900,000. All the expenses were borne by her as she was single back then. But she added Joseph’s name to the deed three years later, which caught the media’s attention. Now, there’s no reason for her to do that unless she was married to him. Though the house was later sold in 2013 by the couple, the official papers raised a lot of suspicion.

We knew nothing about her love life until now. Nobody knew if she had a husband or a boyfriend. But now, the beans have been spilled and we all know who this beautiful actress with perfect body measurements is hitched to. 

The actress is currently busy in her TV show Scandal and several other movie projects as well. 


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