Danny Brown and his longtime girlfriend getting married!!

December 4, 2015
First Published On: December 4, 2015

Fans of Danny Brown have always wanted him singing upbeat, catchy songs about love and relationships. However, the rapper primarily sings gothic and emo songs. But it looks like his fans could finally get what they wished for now.  Reports suggesting that the rapper is getting married to his long time girlfriend have gained traction lately. This could mean him singing more romantic songs as he himself would be in a rather romantic mood.

“I guess I'm in love with the girl I’m with right now. We met in Detroit and then we fell in love and we've been living together ever since” The rapper had said in one of his previous interviews. When asked about who his girlfriend was, the rapper said “You will know when the time comes. I will be the person revealing her to the world when the time is right. ”

 The sources close to the rapper have confirmed, after many years of living together as boyfriend and girlfriend, the two have decided that now is right time to turn their romantic relationship into a marriage. The news of the rapper getting married after dating anonymously for several years has made his fans very happy. It has been suggested that the rapper is getting married within the first few months of next year.

The rapper has been keeping who his girlfriend really is from the media. But reports suggest that the girl he is going to marry is a close friend from the rapper’s youth. It has also been confirmed that his girlfriend already has a 13 years old daughter from her previous marriage.

The rapper had previously said, the thing he most admires in a person is intelligence.  So we can now be certain that whoever the rapper’s girlfriend is, she is very intelligent. Given the rapper’s worldwide fame and ridiculously high net worth, it would be illogical to think that he has settled for anything less than a staggeringly beautiful and impressive intelligent woman as his wife.

He keeps in touch with his fans regularly and is considered to a nice person by people close to him. The rapper is a supporter of the gay right movement. Danny Brown grew up in a crime ridden neighborhood of Detroit himself. This has made him understand the difficulties one has to go through because of poverty. Because of this, he involves himself in various charities.

The Detroit born rapper is one of the most successful rap acts to come out of American underground rap scene. He already has 3 albums under his belt. Usually, during his performance on the stage, he is usually shirtless. Many of the rapper’s fans claim he looks even better without any shirt on. He also organizes tours around the world regularly