Danielle Spencer's Life After Divorcing Russell Crowe: Children, Relationship, And Dating Life

Breaking a relationship and moving on in life is always one of the messiest and painful things, but Home and Away star Danielle Spencer and Gladiator star Russell Crowe made it look somewhat easy for going through a divorce while still remaining good friends. 

The couple got married in 2003 and parted ways officially in 2018 after a long separation. What Is Danielle up to these days? Is she dating anyone? Find out here. 

Life After Divorce: Danielle Is Happily In Love With Beau Adam Long

The 52-year-old singer-songwriter once again found love with author and art dealer Adam Long. The couple first met unexpectedly in the Rose Bay promenade. 

Adam asked Spencer for coffee which she agreed to because she found him a nice friendly guy. They began officially dating in 2016 and have been together for over four years. 

In an interview, while talking about her relationship with Adam, she said: "It's going very well. He's a very kind, gentle soul. We have a lot in common and we understand each other, It's a very easy relationship and we get along very well."

The 55-year-old art dealer moved in with Spencer and is currently living in her six-bedroom mansion called Te Puke worth $10 million

While on the other hand, her ex-husband Russell Crowe is currently dating Britney Theriot who is an actress-turned-real estate agent. 

Crowe and Spencer's Relationship: Shares Two Sons Together

Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe first met Danielle in 1989 on the set of The Crossing. They eventually began dating and were in an on-and-off-again relationship for several years before tying the knot on 7th April 2003 at Crowe's cattle ranch in Nana Glen, New South Wales. 

Danielle CAPTION: Danielle Spencer with her then-husband Russell Crowe and their two sons SOURCE: Instagram @daniellespencerofficial

 On 21st December 2003, the couple welcomed their first child, Charles Spencer Crowe. Similarly, their second child, Tennyson Spencer Crowe was born on 7th July 2006. 

Unfortunately, in October 2012, the couple separated, and their divorce was finalized in April 2018. 

Are The Former Husband-Wife Giving Their Relationship A Second Chance?

Back in June 2020, Spencer shared a throwback picture of her and Russell from The Crossing set captioned: "The beautiful and talented soul George Ogilvie passed away recently. He directed me in a movie called The Crossing and introduced me to [Russell Crowe], the man I would eventually marry and have two children with."

The post quickly ignited reconciliation rumors all over the internet.

In a similar way, a source said: "Russ is still deeply in love with Danielle and his heart soared when she posted those images last week, even though her reasoning behind them was to mark a sad occasion of the loss of a mutual friend."

However, neither Crowe nor Spencer addressed the rumors. Both of them are living happy life on their own.