Danielle Soibelman, age 17, has no boyfriend yet. Know her Movie Career and background

HitBerryPublished on   03 Oct, 2016Updated on   19 May, 2021

Danielle Soibelman was born on 14th June 1999, in The USA, California and plays a character of a blind girl in the famous Dog with a blog. The Disney superstar is currently 17 years old and she is an as a college student.


Danielle is famous not only for acting but also for artistic gymnastics and college debate. She as a Gymnastic practitioner has an attractive body figure and despite being a famous actor from her early childhood days she lives a very simple life which is very inspiring.

Becca from the famous movie Kaliforniciranje has been in the showbiz from a tender age of eight. Famous child artist started working in the entertainment after she appeared in "Are you smarter than the fifth grader" and the road has opened wide ever since.

And now she has created a place for herself in the entertainment industry after landing on some challenging roles over the years. 

She did a movie called Felicia in 2008, in a short but memorable role. Finally in 2011 did a movie called Mental as Sara which is considered to be one of her best performances until today. She also showed her comic skills in The Chaperone, as a voice artist in the same year she did Mental. 

In the year of 2012, her two movies were released in which she had displayed her acting talent. The first movie was named as Ladies of Rap. And another one she played the role of Max in the famous movie Dog with a Blog which had led her to gain great accolades for her marvelous acting and portrayal of the role.

The Disney channel finally recognized her talent and presented her with the role of a blind girl in the famous children comedy "The dog with a Blog" which completed its final season in last September 2015.

She started her TV career at the delicate age of eight in the famous "Are you smarter than the fifth grade" which made her a household name in the industry. Numerous stage performances in her growing age helped her gain live show experience.

At the age of 17, she has achieved fame as an actor, Gymnast and a place in a college debate team. Just like any usual teen she likes to hang with friends and is seen busy on Instagram. But have you ever wonder who is this Californian beauty queen dating or is she in the relationship?

If you are we are sure to provide you with some inside story of the beautiful diva here.
5 feet 7 inches tall diva has many male BFFs and girlfriends so there has to be someone who has won the heart of Dani.

We will feature some of her male friends who she admires the most and discuss if they are the guy we are searching for. And at last, we will pull the curtain out and reveal the big news here.

No, Justin Biber is not her boyfriend but one of these four gentlemen holds a solid possibility of being her boyfriend so let's pull the curtain out of the ministry.

Candidate number one and two


I finally got a picture of the mural! So glad I get to call this place home. #atx #hookem

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Her two of buddies are from non-American background though she enjoys being around her pals it looks like the Asian dude has one of her best buddies as his girlfriend. The Indian looking guy looks sweet but Indians kids are raised in a very closed environment and mostly like girls from the same community so we must say goodbye to the inter-racial combinations fro Dani here.

The Second nominee is Spencer:

See this boy right here? This is my best friend, Spencer, who just graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics at 18 years old. In the fall, he'll be attending Cambridge University for his Masters in the field.

I have no doubts this kid is going to accomplish great things, and I am so proud of him". This is what dani wrote for him in her official instagram.

The above quote to her buddy proves that she is pretty tied up with her childhood friend Spencer and his family but the other thing that proves these two best buddies are not lovebirds is that he is moving to Cambridge for his further education and she seems totally happy about it, no any single sign of her being heartbroken. Which eliminates his possibility as well.

The third candidate is Spencer again but this one is her teacher:

This is Jackson Spencer, and he's a speech coach at my university. But really, he's more than that. Jackson is a mentor, a friend, and often times my ride home (thanks buddy).

He takes time out of his busy schedule as a grad student/COMM 150 instructor to coach my team, and his assistance is a large reason I made quarterfinals at AFA-NIET this year". On her instagram. Jackson, I'm so grateful for your support within forensics and outside of it. Thanks for being the bomb dot com

This guy has a huge possibility to be her boyfriend because a college debate group is a closed group with very few members and Danielle Soibelman is one of them. The sexy wildcat is attractive and so is her debate partner. 

She doesn't add Prefix to his name as Mr.Spencer instead of it she calls him Jackson so this eliminates the level of the awkwardness of them being only teacher and student.

Moreover, she says he is her ride home buddy, and he is a young attractive tall handsome man who just finished his college too. So, we guess as soon as she hits her eighteenth birthday the news will reveal itself.