Daniella Semaan: See her bikini and bare body in sexy feet. Cesc Fabregas's girlfriend.

Daniella Semaan is a Lebanese model and is best known for her relationship with Spanish and Chelsea F.C football star Cesc Fabregas.

Daniella has been working in the field of glamour and she has been featured in several fashion events in and outside her country. She is an internet sensation and has been widely followed in many social network sites. She is also known as a hot and sexy model and look superb in a bikini. So let's just watch her bikini and bra body in sexy feet. Just be with us.

Daniella Semaan's bikini and bare body in sexy feet

Daniella Semaan was born in Lebanon on June 04, 1975. She spent most of her childhood in Lebanon with her siblings.


The pretty model has been dating a popular Spanish footballer, Cesc Fabregas. They met in London and fell in love with each other.

Daniella Semaan in a green bikini. Daniella Semaan in a green bikini, Source: dailymail

Daniella gave birth to her first daughter named Maria in 2001 and a second child in 2004 named Joseph; both of them were with her ex-husband.

Daniella Semaan on a beach. Daniella Semaan on a beach, Source: blogspot


Daniella and Fabregas have a daughter together and they named her Lia Fabregas, she was born on April 10th, 2013.

Daniella’s nickname is ‘Queen DD’. She is a good friend with Lionel Messi’s girlfriend, Antonella.

Daniella Semaan in a Yacht. Daniella Semaan in a Yacht, Source: instagram


The hot Lebanese was previously married to Elie Taktouk and they have been together for almost 13 years.

Daniella Semaan in the middle, and son Joseph to her right. Daniella Semaan in the middle, and son Joseph to her right, Source: instagram


Daniella and Fabregas have set off to many countries together; and it appears as though they are madly in love with each other.

Daniella Semaan. Daniella Semaan, Source: instagram


Daniella is also a good friend with Julia, she is Thiago's girlfriend.

Daniella Semaan in a green dress. Daniella Semaan in a green dress, Source: instagram


Though she has given birth to 3 children already, she hasn’t gained any weight and she is perfectly fit.

Daniella Semaan in the ocean. Daniella Semaan in the ocean, Source: instagram


Elie Taktouk and Daniella divorced after Elie found out about his wife cheating on him with Spanish footballer Cesc Fabregas.