Daniel Lissing Explains His Decision To Quit ‘When Calls the Heart’ After Jack’s Heartbreaking Death

Daniel Lissing has decided to quit ‘When Calls the Heart following heartbreaking death of Jack Thornton played by Daniel Lissing.


After an emotional and devastating When Calls the Heart season 5 final the star of the Canadian-American TV series sat down on Sunday for a Facebook live, explaining the whole scenario and the behind the scenes compulsion that lead the show to such heartbreaking ending.

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The Hallmark Channel period drama stars Daniel Lissing, Lori Loughlin and Erin Krakow sat along with executive producer Brian Bird and they announced that Lissing has made his decision to quit the show.

“First and foremost, I want to say of our fans that three of us here are very good friends, and we all love each other and we support each other,” says Loughlin in the live FB live. “She continued we are an actor and we have contracts and Dan whose contract has ended has made decision to leave so we respect his decision but he will always be the Hallmark family.”

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The surprising final in Sunday has broken many fans heart that brings the end to the love story between Elizabeth Thatcher played by Erin Krakow and Jack Thornton as Lissing when came to end after an offscreen death leaving Elizabeth behind.

When it comes to quitting, the 36 years old Australian star explains, leaving the show was a heavy heart decision.

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Dan added, circumstance arose that left me no choice but to quit the show and it’s very much personal for me. Lissing says he went to hallmark and present his decision without elaborating and they support me back for my decision to leave. Even he went to his girl and they did support him.

He said he will respect every co-star supports including fans and is excited what his future has chosen.

Moving towards Jack death, it was an emotional turning point as it was the end of Krakow working together in the season 5 final.