Daniel John Gregory; know all the interesting facts about his married life and relationship

Daniel John Gregory is a successful business man and Vice President of Gregory Packaging Incorporation. He is famous for his work but what about his personal life and wife?

Keeping personal life secret is a trend among celebrities, but however, some of them failed to keep their personal life a mystery. Here we have some information about Daniel John Gregory. So let's get into the topic.

Is Daniel John Gregory married?

According to the New York Times wedding announcement, Daniel John Gregory got married to Martha MacCallum who is the News anchor of FOX news and also is the highest paid employee of FOX News. The couple got married on August 22, 1992, at St. Elizabeth's Church. Since they are with each other from a long time they must be spending happily married life. Not only this but we have other facts about their personal life.

Dan Gregory and his wife Martha MacCallum source Dan Gregory and his wife Martha MacCallum source: heavy.com

The couple is blessed with a daughter and two sons. Their Daughter Elizabeth Is Majoring in Political Science at Villanova but none of them has mentioned about their two loving sons. In 2011 after spending twenty-four years of married life there is a rumor that the love birds Dan Gregory and his wife Martha MacCallum are going to divorce. Later on, the sweet family.

Later on, the sweet family is seen enjoying days together and all the rumor faded. By seeing Martha MacCallum twitter account we can know how much she cares about her family especially Dan Gregory. Recently, Dan Gregory wife received the Commitment to Service Award from SoldierSocks in 2015.

As both of them are successful personality and spending their life from a long time they must be in a solid bond and until the date there is no any rumor and news which would lead to their separation.

Daniel John Gregory past affairs

29 years old, Mr. Gregory was graduated from Villanova University. Recently works as president of Gregory Packaging Inc. in Newark. His father, now retired, was the company's founder and president.

Daniel John and his wifeMartha MacCallum Daniel John and his wife Martha MacCallum source: unapix

Previously before the relationship with Martha MacCallum, Daniel was not linked with any other person neither any rumor and news regarding his past affair are heard.