Dancing with the star's Tony Dovolani credits wife and family for his success

HitBerryPublished on   13 Sep, 2015Updated on   25 May, 2021

There is a very popular saying, ‘There’s a woman behind every successful man”. This quote applies quite well in case of dancer Tony Dovolani’s life.

He is the longest running dance pro on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and he is considered one of the most successful dancers of all time. He has seen a great deal of success in his life and according to him, all the credit for the fame and triumph goes to his beloved wife Lina.

 In an interview with the PEOPLE, the dancer told how his wife has been the major cause behind his success.

"My wife is my rock," Dovolani told PEOPLE.

"She is the most amazing person I have ever met in my life. She takes care of the kids. She takes care of the house. She makes sure that I am successful. If I didn't have her, I don't think I would be where I am today," he says. "Marrying her is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life."

It was love at first sight for the Tony Dovolani when he met his beautiful wife Lina on a blind date in 1998. He immediately proposed to her four hours later. So this is love, isn’t it? Sometimes it takes you your whole life to understand and love someone, but sometimes you seem to understand someone in the blink of an eye.

The king of dance believed that she was his one and only when he first saw her during the date. He said: “I met her on a blind date and proposed to her four hours after I met her. I got off an exit and bought a ring. You can tell I'm spontaneous!”

The family guy also said that the love of his life accepted his unprepared proposal that night, but he also admitted that Lina thought she didn’t.

"It doesn't matter," he added. "We got married in November 1999 and have been happy ever since."

They are quite happy indeed. The couple has three adorable children: daughter Luana and twins, son Adrian and daughter Ariana.

The dancer, who won the 15th season of the ABC dance reality show ‘Dancing with the Stars’, has made his return to the 21st season of the long running show and has already renewed his contract with the show for the next three years.

"I've been on the show since season 2 and when last season ended, my contract ended. The executives asked, 'How do you feel about the show?' I expressed how much I love the show and how big a part of my life the show has been. They were really pleased to hear that because they had every intention of asking me back."

The 42 year old professional ballroom dancer also expressed his views on how glad he was be part of the show. He, who celebrated 10th anniversary with the show, said that he was happy that the show had done so well. Despite being part of the show for so long, the star does not have any intention of leaving the show at the height of his dancing career.

“It’s about showing people that just because you get to a certain age, it doesn’t mean you’re supposed to mail it in.

 “Still fight, still go out there and give it your best,” said Tony.

He also added that he would only quit the show when his wife tells him to.

“The moment that my wife tells me I don’t have it anymore is probably the moment I quit.

 “She’s my honest opinion,” he stated. “When she looks at me and says to me, ‘Honey, it’s time for you to step aside and let the other ones take it,’ then I’ll stop.”