Dance Choreographer Benjamin Millepied's #Blessed life: an Oscar winning wife, cute son and artsy tattoos

August 10, 2015
First Published On: August 10, 2015
by HitBerry

Do you know what is cool in Benjamin Millepied’s life? Everything!! From his beautiful Oscar winning wife Natalie Portman to his flawless dancing and even his TATTOOS.

The hot ballet dancer is one of the much sought out dance artist in Hollywood, a loving husband to actress Portman and a father of her son Aleph. The French dancer and choreographer is most popularly known for his outstanding work in the movie Black Swan in which he starred and choreographed, and for which his 34 year wife won her first Academy Award, Golden Globe and BAFTA award. 

The relationship between Millipied, who is also the Director of Dance at the Paris Opera Ballet, and his wife is one of the most high profile relationships in Hollywood. The couple, who met each other on the set of the movie Black Swan, quickly hooked up. And you know what, the choreographer left his then live-in-girlfriend, dancer Isabella Boylston just to start a new life with Portman. And now Benjamin and Portman are the hottest couple in the show biz. 

The dancer was dating his longtime girlfriend Isabella back then, but he dumped her just to be with Portman. Now that’s quite unfair! Nobody deserves to be dumped like that. Benjamin, you might have lit Natalie’s life with a thousand beautiful colors but you have also broken a heart of a lady. That’s very ungentlemanly!!! The former pair even shared an apartment in New York City's East Village and in 2009, Benjamin even took her to his hometown in France.

But this is Hollywood, people fall in love, they vow to live together but the promises are meant to be broken so it is a common sight to see couple splitting and moving on with someone new. 

Now enough with the talk about his personal life, it’s time to see what his tattoo looks like and what it symbolizes? 

The father of one has an artsy, abstract tattoo that runs down from his left set of abs. The tattoo is quite artistic and it is inspired by the Bauhaus painter Oskar Schlemmer’s logo for the Bauhaus art school in Germany that he created in 1922. The tat is an abstract image of right side of a face.

Bauhaus means "House of Building" or "Building School". The school was famous for its designing approach which merged crafts and the fine arts. Several talented and famous artists like Schlemmer, Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, and Piet Mondrian attended the school. 

According to Millepied, he was really very inspired by 1920s art and furniture a few years back which ultimately led to his obsession which for the Bauhaus tattoo.

The Bauhaus symbol or logo was also featured by a musical band of the same name. They used the symbol on the cover of their 1986 Compilation record. The band was very much inspired by the German art movement for its "stylistic implications and associations."

Anyway the world renowned dance artist is rocking both the tattoo of the Bauhaus symbol as well as his marriage with Natalie. The husband and a proud father is very busy with his shows and he is involved in million dollar project called the LA Dance Project and his has been promoting his works on Instagram and Twitter.