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Dana Brunetti Loves his Daughter Estella the most; his Insta and Twitter confirms

July 18, 2016
First published on:July 18, 2016
by John

Dana Brunetti, the well- known American producer and social networking entrepreneur is a real loving daddy. Not just is he a loving daddy, but a single dad and his whole world revolves around his daughter; Estella.Known for movies like Fifty Shades of Grey, The Social Network and Captain Philips; Dana is an adorable father and his Twitter and Instagram is a live proof of it.Like which father posts every update about his moment with his daughter right from shopping with her to missing her while away for a trip?


Happy to be home with this little monkey.

A photo posted by Dana Brunetti (@danabrunetti) on

It is always said that a relation of father-daughter is the most adorable one and Dana lives up to this quote completely. Rather he simply is inspired by it and undoubtedly he takes away the "Best Daddy Trophy."

Recently surviving the Nice attack while shooting with the FSOG stars- Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson; Dana has unconditional love for his daughter which is not even a statement because that's what every father have for their sweet little princess. However,being a single dad, Dana takes care of everything and plays a double role of both the parents in Estella's life; something he is very proud of and does not mind flaunting it on social sites. He likes to give a sneak peak into his well functioning life which includes varieties of matter from him being a loving daddy to what he had for dinner.


Stopping with Estella to pick up dinner after seeing Cinderella, her first time at the movies.

A photo posted by Dana Brunetti (@danabrunetti) on

Dana Brunetti and his affairs. Who is the mother of Estella?

Dana Brunetti has been in some relationships, but has not married anyone yet. In November 2014, he ended a year-long relationship with actress Kristin Chenoweth and is said to be in a romantic affair with Arrow actress Katie Cassidy.

You might be thinking what about Estella, his daughter? Well, reportedly the mother of Estella is not revealed in the media, but Dana has left no stone unturned in giving his daughter a good upbringing.Not just upbringing, he makes efforts to make her feel special-he has tattooed her name on his left forearm. Aww! A typical daughter-father goal.

Fifty Shades of Dana Brunetti

Dana Brunetti, who refers his daughter as his little monkey loves spending time with her amidst the busy schedule he has. Preparing for the sequel of his new upcoming movie Fifty Shades Freed which also happens to be the most anticipated movie of 2017 Dana obviously has a really busy life right now. In spite of all of that he makes it a point to be with his daughter and give her all the needed TLC. He won't mind if that means stealing time during the weekends or just seeing her innocent face after he comes back from a long day at work.Dana has accompanied her to school drives, playing tennis with her and all the little things done by Estella are his favorites.


End of the weekend.

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Brunetti has all frowny faces for everyone but his daughter Estella. Dana Brunetti and controversies have been so co-related to each other that every single person he meets or statement he gives strikes the headlines the next day. However this angry young man undoubtedly forgets everything as he reaches his little one because all we can see from his posts are smiles around him. Estella brings the best side of him- completely.

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