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Dana Brooke makes her debut on WWE Raw.

May 10, 2016
First published on:May 10, 2016
by HitBerry

Dana Brooke is on fire as she makes a fierce debut at the WWE Main Roster. The former bodybuilder who made her NXT television debut in 2015, had Emma as her ally as the duo assaulted their rival Becky Lynch backstage.

Becky Lynch was speaking backstage and cut a promo on Emma purposefully injuring her when Emma suddenly walked into the interview area and the two had a hot exchange of words. Emma said she didn’t know what Becky was talking about, but Becky should get eyes in the back of her head. At that moment, Dana Brooke attacked her, and said she’s here, and playtime is over.

Dana "FIERCE" Brooke                                      Source: WrestleZone


Dana Brooke and Emma formed an alliance after a month of her NXT Debut. The duo was the first to work with NXT Women's champion Asuka when she made her NXT debut in August 2015. Dana, 27 suffered a jaw injury when facing Asuka on TakeOver: Respect. She was out of action until last month due to a jaw injury. But she's back now as fierce as hell!

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