Dan Soder no longer dating anyone!! No girlfriend because he's focusing in his career

September 11, 2015
First Published On: September 11, 2015
by HitBerry

Dan Soder hasn’t been dating lately. The last known speculated affair that Dan was a part of, came when he was living in the west coast and aspiring to be an actor for TV. At the same time, he was performing comic acts in and around the valley, during which he was spotted several times with an unknown female.

When asked by the paparazzi as to who she is, he claimed that she was his girlfriend and an aspiring actress from his home town in Colorado. They duo were seen frequenting various Standup Comedy restaurants and on dinners with friends.

The relationship disappeared into thin air when Dan moved from the valley to New York to pursue a career wholly concentrated on stand-up comedy. He hasn’t mentioned anything about his girlfriend after he moved and rumors were that they split up and Dan moved east.

Moving east proved to be fruitful for Dan as he found what he came here for. He continued doing standup when he reached New York, but his growing popularity and new method of portrayal proved to be a huge success. And after around four years on the comic scene he was soon seen featuring in MTV2’s popular show Guy Code.

When the ratings began soaring due to Dan’s involvement with the show Guy Code, he caught the attention of Comedy giant’s channel Comedy Central and then was given a show for himself on the channel called The Half Hour. Now, with a wider audience, his fan base began to grow and was one of the most sought after comedians of the year 2011.

His claim to fame saw him feature in a Conan episode and a number of opportunities coming his way. Now he currently works on several skits and is known for his podcast with Robert Kelly. Their pod cast You know what dude! was ranked the funniest pod cast in the east coast by a leading comedy magazine.

Dan has just recently been cast aside as the third mic on the Opie and Anthony Show after the sudden firing of the show hosts Anthony Cumia. He will be now returning to comedy central with a two hour long weekly show alongside comedian and his friend Big Jay Oakerson . The show is one of the most anticipated shows of the channel this year and is titled The Bonfire.  

Dan’s fame has already seen him get cameo roles in movies, the most important being the 2015 hit movie featuring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader named Trainwreck.  His show Guy code has also been renewed for a new season by the production company and will be premiered early next year.

Dan is very active on social net working platforms such as twitter and can be followed under the username @ DanSoder. His net worth remains undisclosed by his agency but we do know he is making big bucks now.