Dakota Blue Richards spotted out dating a hot new boyfriend, pictures on Instagram

December 10, 2015
First Published On: December 10, 2015
by HitBerry

It’s yet another young starlet on the gossips this time! Boy, with so many series out there, many teen talents have been flourishing under the spotlight. Well, this time, we look at the stunning, hot actress Dakota Blue Richards.

The beautiful actress is in the gossips right now because, if recent reports are to be believed, the actress, currently 21 years of age, is in a new relationship. And the lucky boy goes by the name Robbie Curran! The two apparently met through social networking sites as Dakota’s friend suggested the boy. Well, officially, Richards has not confirmed that Curran is indeed her boyfriend.

Boy, who would not like to go out with Dakota Blue Richards! We tried to scoop up a little more about the stunning hot actress’s boyfriend and found nothing! Well, Dakota has not posted a lot of pictures with her much gossiped-about boyfriend, so nothing can be said with assurance. However, the actress has posted a few photographs with Curran on Instagram but.... we’ll just hope that she’s not dating! Sorry if it sounds rude!

So, possibilities of marriage are very very very slim as she is quite young. As for those sites mentioning news saying that Dakota is divorced and is now a mother of two children, have some sense people!!!! Those, we assure you, are just random false gossips that just take away your precious time! And we’re glad that she is not the typical celebrity who flashes sexy pics of herself in bikinis. After all, she is just 21!!

Dakota is the daughter of Michaela Richards and grew up alongside her sister, named Maya Richards. She cuts her cake on the 11th of April and was born in the United Kingdom. Well, truth be told, we believe that she actually cuts her cake on the table! Nice joke huh? Well, very enlightening crack! Anyways, moving on…

Dakota has a net worth of $1 million dollars and the actress, height 5 feet 2 inches, is definitely a glowing success. She has basically earned more than what I will earn in decades so, well, she is a very lucky girl. To be truthful, she is very talented and talent did play a big role in her current success.

A avid Twitter user ( who isn’t? ), she has already racked up around 43.1 thousand followers and looks set to add more to her fan following. Now for some trivia as to why her name is Dakota Blue Richards… Her mother wanted her daughter to have a name that spoke of both a place and a color. An interesting thought, isn’t it? Hence, the name Dakota Blue!! Dakota comes from the name of a place and Blue is a color. More trivia for all our readers, blue is the second most loved color in the world. The first is the mighty red. Maybe because it symbolizes love! Or perhaps because it is the color of blood?? Spooky!

Anyways, moving on, her parents are proud of her and with movies and TV shows such as The Golden Compass and Skins already in the bag, she is indeed a rising star.