CSI: NY Star Claire Forlani Commercials: Who Remember These? Her Scottish Accent is Lovely

HitBerryPublished on   18 Aug, 2016Updated on   19 May, 2021

Well, our very own CSI star Claire Forlani has added more heat to her whisky commercials. There is everything that’s required to attract a customer towards her commercial. The right amount of seduction, pretty face and what is more surprising is her “Scottish accent”!

Claire Forlani’s Dewar Commercials: Praises and Positivity

Choosing a woman for a whisky advert was quite a clever idea. (Kudos to the marketing team!) It really does appeal to the opposite sex and further encourages them to fall into the enigma of the advertisement. Then – they choose Claire Forlani. Hot and sexy British beauty has never failed us to live up to her expectation in the movies and TV series she has played till date.

So, basically in the video, the English – Italian actress has let herself get stung by a bee right before she takes a sip into the Dewar’s Highlander Honey. She then stirs the scotch with the same fingers. She proudly announces, “You should be asking yourself, what is sweetness without a little bite”, referring to the bee sting.

Opperman Weiss - which produced the ad campaign, took this opportunity to explain her character as strong and bold, which showcases her fierce attitude with enticing beauty – “She draws men from their world to hers, into a clandestine world”.

Grantland has appreciated her efforts in the video to call it out a "Mind-melting Commercial" - Claire definitely doesn’t let us take our eyes off her.

Audiences have deeply praised her beauty in the commercial. There are also some who have ignored her accent just because she looks extremely gorgeous in the videos.


(Source : Youtube)

Claire’s Whisky Commercials - Disappointments

The 44-year-old diva has had her own set of criticisms in the commercials she has been a part of. Disapprovals in what area though?–Her Scottish Accent!

Daily Mail questioned her Scottish accent despite the fact that her husband is Scottish. Meet Joe Black actress Claire has drawn immense popularity (in a negative manner) with her role in the commercials. Despite the fact that the advert has been aired only in the USA, audiences have shown their sympathy to people in Scotland because of her poor performance.

In another video of Dewar's, she enters a big room with a bar. She takes a glass and pours the whisky in it. She stars with "Are you ready to take life seriously?" This has confused a wide group of an audience as to what the meaning lies behind the talk. Could it be implying that Dewar's is for serious and grown up drinkers?

People are confused and disappointed in the meager-quality accent she has been able to deliver. Hundreds of negative comments could be read at YouTube and various other sites which published the commercials. One individual commented, "I am Scottish and that is really painful, she has really overdone with the Rs and her way of pronouncing the word benefits is weird."

Dewar's - Blended Scotch Whisky brand

Owned by Bacardi, Dewar's was established in 1846 which is known to be one of the top selling scotch brands in the USA. Dewar has around four to five products under its name - also - it has been successful in becoming the first Scotch whisky Company to use Virtual Reality (VR) video for the product launch of one its products - Dewar's Scratched Cask.

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