Crystal Bowersox and her husband, Brian Walker, who got married in 2010, have split up. Is the divorce finalized?

April 1, 2016
First Published On: April 1, 2016
by HitBerry

Popular singer-songwriter turned actress Crystal Bowersox has split up with her husband Brian Walker with whom she was married for over five years. Crystal is also a former American idol runner up.

Although the couple has mentioned that they have ended their marriage the official proceedings seem not to have gone underway according to the norms of the modern legal methods. It has been suggested that they have separated on moral grounds but a divorce partition has not yet been finalized.

Some rumors that have sprung up are the couple doesn’t intend to get legally divorced and their separation on moral and choice of living grounds are sufficient for them both. They believe that they are still friends and yet maintain their love they had before.

However, a split was a necessary outcome for them both and has been wholly conducted on mutual grounds. That has satisfied both parties equivocally without gain or loss on either end at any negligible difference whatsoever.

They have also mentioned that they will continue to support each other with their respective career and personal advancements. They have also been known to ask for privacy to their fans so that they can get through this difficult time in the life of their family and themselves smoothly without unwanted and unneeded inconvenience.

It has also been suggested perhaps the reason both of them have not moved toward a divorce proceeding is they somehow hope in the future to reconcile their difference and maybe get back together.

Some have even suggested that the split is a brief hiatus in their relationship as it came soon after Crystal had come out in the open as a bisexual which may have led Brian to rethink his take on the relationship and maybe even some soul searching was needed by him in regard to the drastic change his relationship had taken out of the blue.

Crystal and Brian were married a couple of years earlier. However, her husband was known to be her boyfriend for an extended period of time before they decided to tie the knot. The pair has no children among themselves. But Brian has a son from an earlier relationship.

Crystal on a professional level is a very liked and famous singer-songwriter today. Some of her most well-known songs are “Mine All Mine”, “Dead Weight” and “Midnight Train to Georgia”. Her most famous song on youtube is “Farmer’s Daughter”.

She is also currently on a tour of the country and will be performing till this autumn at various locations. Her net worth has been estimated to be somewhere around $500 thousand dollars. She has made most of her earnings through her musician career.