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Crystal Bernard Married Peter Cetera, Know about her married life and divorce rumours

September 14, 2017
First published on:December 17, 2016
by John

The hit song Forever tonight singers Crystal Bernard and Peter Cetera are rumored to be together in recent days. The news about their secret marriage concerns a lot of soft rock fans but how much of the rumored marriage is true? Are these long time friend dating each other or is another hoax attempted by some tabloid sites just to gate a temporary advertisement?

We know your mind is dwelling on a lot of questions like these which is the reason that we address all of Crystal Bernard fans about her personal life and married life here. We will like to disclose up front before moving any further that Crystal Bernard is not married to Cetera or anyone in the music industry till the date. Bernard remains single unmarried woman from the beginning of her musical career till today's date.

Did Crystal Bernard and Peter Cetera ever date?

Crystal Bernard and Peter Cetera collaborated for the famous romantic song which outed in 1995 is still considered to be one of the most romantic songs of all time. Since then the two artists remain close friends. They have been good friends ever since.

Crystal Bernard and Peter Cetera  in their famous Musical Forever tonight Crystal Bernard and Peter Cetera  in their famous Musical Forever tonight    Source:


The couple has appeared in many live shows and radio program after they delivered all time favorite song but none of them have ever admitted or even spotted getting romantically involved. Is it possible for any couple who are involved from more than 20 long years not to be spotted enjoying their moments together?

After admitting that they are best friends we want to add another fact that the duo has been friends with each other for more than 2 decades and long friendship can often be misjudged as affair so it is totally natural for their fans to think that way.

Crystal Bernard's previous love affairs?

The singer and TV actress Crystal Bernard has never been in a married relationship which ends the door for any divorce actions taken for or against her but this does not mean that she is homosexual or any thing because she has been in a relationship with famous producer Tony Thomas for a very long time.

Crystal Bernard and boyfriend Tony Thomas Crystal Bernard and her Producer boyfriend Tony Thomas    Source: E-celebrity facts

The couple started dating each other in early 1994  but they ended their relationship in 2005  after Thomas married Ann Souder. The couple was together for about ten years but they don't have any children together from their ten years long relationship.

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