Cristina Castano dating Asier Etxeandia currently. The couple are on-screen matchup in 'The End Of The Road'

HitBerryPublished on   29 Jul, 2017Updated on   30 Jul, 2017

Cristina Castaño is dating Asier Etxeandia at present. The couple fell in love after finding each other on the set of 'La que se avecina' (The One That Is Coming); a Spanish television situation comedy. They are also renowned as on-screen matchup in 'The End Of The Road'.

The 38-year-old Cristina is a Spanish actress known for her appearance in 'La que se avecina', 'Al salir de clase', 'Pratos combinados', and also in the film 'Días azules'  becoming one of the most promising young actresses. Asier Gómez Etxeandia is a Spanish actor, whose work encompasses television, theatre, and cinema. He is basically known for playing 'Un Paso Adelante' and 'Broken Embraces'.

Cristina Castano dating Asier Etxeandia

Cristina and Asier, the couple had their first encounter in the Spanish series together 'La que se avecina' (The One That Is Coming). They became closer on the set leading to their romance.

From the time they laid their eyes on each other, they have been inseparable. They worked together supporting each other throughout the shooting of the series.

The series was filmed for seven years consisting of nine seasons altogether. Let's see what Asier has to say about his journey with his girlfriend Cristina;

"I'm used to fall in love with my partner, I need to work and Cristina has been a luxury. The two have spoken the same language, we laughed a lot and have looked deeply we wanted to tell this relationship. We have invented Things together and it's been exciting. It's wonderful,"

The couple is often seen together hanging out and going on romantic dates. Even the public and their fans really appreciate their relationship.

The pair along with the series co-actors were spotted making it to the anniversary of Diurno restaurant celebrating 11 years of life in the Chueca neighborhood of Madrid. All of the celebs enjoyed a pleasant evening that day.

Actress Castano burst out after the end of her series La que se avecina writing an emotional letter. Why wouldn't she be upset after she devoted seven years of her life filming almost 100 episodes? Not to mention all the moments she shared with her boyfriend Etxeandia.

But her love story did take a happy turn while the couple was taken together in another series 'The End Of The Road'.

Asier Etxeandia and Cristina Castano in 'The End Of The Road'

Luckily, after the end of their former series 'The One That Is Coming', the love story of Asier and Cristina did not stop whether it is for on-screen or off. The couple is still together in their real life and even on their professional life working together on their another series 'The End Of The Road'.

The series has completed its shooting and was premiered recently in 2017. Asier expressed his affection towards his girlfriend, Cristina on the premiere interview of 'The End Of The Road' saying;

 "To share this with Cristina Castaño has been the best of the series.For me it has been fortunate.I always think that half or all of your work belongs to your partner.You have to be listening with your partner and you have to be lucky with Who touches you, "

Asier Etxeandía and Cristina Castaño in 'The End Of The Road' Asier Etxeandía and Cristina Castaño in 'The End Of The Road'  Source: Semana

Asier always has words of admiration for his love Cristina. Cristina exclaimed that the series is her new challenge, where she played a role as a queen and her darling boyfriend Asier shared her throne as a king. She also lets out her affection onto her love saying;

Wonderful. Asier is my king, I adore him. And it was a lovely coincidence because he also made Cabaret in his time in the theater, master of ceremonies, and I am now Sally Bowles. I have discovered it as a companion and it is a real luxury."

Best Wishes for their series and love life!