Crime writer and creator of Kay Scarpetta novels, Patricia Cornwell talks about the new one in her series of novels

Writer Patricia Cornwell, the creator of the Kay Scarpetta novel series recently talked about her latest novel in the series. “Depraved Heart”, the novel was released last year. The novel is the twenty third in the series and is already confirmed to be followed with number twenty four.

The twenty fourth book has been titled “Chaos”. However there is not much we know about it as Patricia has yet to share about it. Nevertheless, the book is set to release by this year’s end and it has been suggested that it will closely follow up to the “Depraved Heart” theme.

Which had fans wondering and impatient as to what will “Kay” be doing next. “Depraved Heart”, which was Patricia’s first novel where readers witnessed her ability to blend different spheres of the suspense and criminal fictional world into one intelligent story.

In “Depraved Heart”, she showed how exceptional an author she has become by merging the forensic science crime fiction with the technological field and even expanding the genre to new limits and boundaries.

Patricia is also considered widely to be the founder of forensic thriller novels. In “Depraved Heart”, she also reprised a few of the older characters who have gained a wide fan base like “Kay”.  Kay’s niece Lucy is a pivotal character in the book and it has been rumored she will be getting more scenes in the upcoming book “Chaos”.

Pete Marino, the investigator has also been getting his due credit in Patricia’s recent books and fans want more of him because of the wit and precocious nature he possess. He is expected to have a very big hand on the outcome of the upcoming novel.

Patricia’s personal life has also been like one of her novels. She has been married twice and once divorced. Due to her first divorce she had suggested that she did not look forward to a second marriage, however she ended up getting married twice. She has also said she is very happy with her married life. Patricia’s first was to Professor Charles Cornwell. Is currently married to Staci Gruber with whom she got married in 2005. Patricia has kept her ex-husband’s name.

Patricia is also known for her thought provoking reality challenging quotes out of which these two are the most famous. “I believe the root of all evil is abuse of power” and “I constantly remind people that crime isn't solved by technology; it’s solved by people”.

Patricia’s net worth is estimated to be a little under $13 million. She earlier had a few problems with her firm and had to fire them. The reason being in spite of the firm’s yearly earnings being above $10 million per years, her net worth was calculated to be only $13 million.