Courtney Force and Graham Rahal are too busy for kids.

April 18, 2016
First Published On: April 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Now that is what we call a perfect match. A rising star in NHRA Funny Car Courtney Force and a promising and aspiring talent in NidyCar Graham Rahal got married last year. Both the speed lovers seems to keep their family pace slow for a little longer.

Now that the news of the newly- wed couple refraining from having kids anytime soon, media and their fans are all geared up with questions.

“WE'RE KEEPING SPERM IN NEUTRAL ... Too Busy For Kids!”, yes, this really came from the star couple, Courtney and Graham according to TMZ. They know what they are doing. They might just not into kids right now. They are running their romance in the speed they like. That’s interesting.

When it comes to parenting, they might not be ready for a time being and they are pushing the brakes there real hard.

Or it would be easy if it is kept this way. Graham’s little guys are not getting a green light yet as both husband and wife are speeding up their cars and race legends.

Actually, there are no wonders that the similar interests of theirs onto cars and racing must have brought them together.

Now look at the coincidence, not only do the couple love doing the same thing, career goals, a home together and a family- they know what it is like to be together.

Their romance has been all geared up ever since they met at one of her races near Chicago in June 2013.

"Obviously, the first attraction was, I thought he was very handsome, and he was into cars, which was No. 1 to me, But once we started to date and everything started to unravel, I realized how our lives are very similar.", said Courtney.

Then what more, they ended up getting married that ultimately united two of the American motorsports’ most prominent racing families.

Here is their photo from their wedding on Instagram

Now we are waiting for may be new race lovers to pop up.

Here is their wedding video. You seriously must watch it. It is damn romantic