Country singer Jamey Johnson the main reason behind the break down of best buddy Blake Sheldon's married life with wife Miranda Lambert

HitBerryPublished on   18 Dec, 2015Updated on   18 Dec, 2015

Country singer Jamey Johnson is being reported to be the main reason behind the breakdown of his best buddy, Blake Sheldon's married life with wife Miranda Lambert. Yes people! This American country music artist is being dubbed the main reason behind the much loved couple’s divorce that rocked not just the country music industry, but the whole wide world.

We all know that the divorce between the country pop sensation Lambert and her equally talented and popular husband, Sheldon this year became the talk of the town. While Sheldon, who is infamous for his notorious relationships with other women, was being blamed for betraying his wife, the news of Sheldon filing for the divorce himself shocked everyone. And that was when it was revealed that the real culprit was none other than Lambert.

Not a single fan of the couple was ready to accept that the starlet had cheated on her husband of four until Star magazine proved that she had been sleeping with other men behind Sheldon’s back. She had had sex with exactly five men. And you might have already guessed whose name was at the top… Yes! It was none other than Sheldon’s old time pal and best friend Jamey Johnson.

The country music singer and "The Dollar" hit maker was reportedly the main culprit along with Lambert in the whole scandal. Main culprit in a sense that, Lambert’s extra marital affair with other men during her marriage to Sheldon began with Johnson himself.  And he is supposed to be the one who helped start problems in his best friend’s relationship.

The 40 year old singer/songwriter was criticized by both the media and his fans alike for sleeping with his own best pal’s wife back in 2007. He reportedly had a sexual relationship with Lambert at a time when the songstress and Sheldon had become inseparable as girlfriend and boyfriend. The former couple had started dating each other for just a year back then.

Despite all the rumors and allegations, Johnson has been denying his involvement and has called all these reports about him and Lambert’s relationship baseless and untrue. He is focused on the fact that he had a young daughter and his ex-wife at home, both of whom are important for him. He would never do anything so disgusting which would only result in him losing their respect.

Johnson was married to his ex-wife Amy for quite long time. But we don’t have any information about the date of their wedding. The couple has a daughter named Kylee and they are raising their little bundle of joy together, despite having been divorced.

The Grammy winning singer calls his former wife “a great woman and a great mother”. He once said: “There was a time when we were upset with each other. But we made it through all that. We’re still friends today, and we’re raising our daughter together. If you ever met my daughter, you’d see that she’s a very well rounded kid. She gets that from her mother — that’s good raising.”

The singer has a gold-certified album “That Lonesome Song” and several hit songs to his credit. He has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars, all thanks to his extensive musical tours and albums.