Counting Crows star Adam Duritz, aged 51, talks about dating and girlfriends

September 27, 2015
First Published On: September 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Counting Crows the band gave hope of accidental love to every young teenager when the movie Shrek used the song Accidentally in love as the theme song for the movie. Adam Duritz the person behind the formation of the band which is adored by fans worldwide and surprisingly has fans from all age groups from five year olds to veterans in their seventies.

Adam Duritz who considers himself an old timer is relatively new to the world of social networking and exchanging conversations via the internet. Adam who has dated some of Hollywood’s finest ladies from Jennifer Aniston to Courtney Cox has just given an insight into how the musician views the concept of dating. Adam who was one of the most reclusive members of the band has told his new found extrovert self seems to be very lively and energetic.

Adam who has been suffering for the most part of his life with a very rare disorder called dissociative disorder which simplified means when a person sees the world to be not real. His disorder had led him to deep forms of depression and he has said he was crazy for a while. 

Having now batt6led his way out of such circumstances and finally reaching out to people on social networks .Adam has come a long way from being an extreme introvert to be one of the most interactive celebrities on Twitter.

Apart from interacting with fans and reading comments from them on the Counting Crows page on Twitter which by the way has over 1.35 Million followers. He has also been known to let different magazine’s interview him which at one point in his life was simply out of question. Having had celebrity girlfriends he has also given a few dating tips and relationships advices here and there.

When asked by Adam as to how dating has changed with the overhaul of social networking in people’s lives he said” No, it’s the same thing. You got to meet another person in my case, they are girls who you have no idea what they are thinking, and then, you just sort of like muddle through and crash into a wall something like that, usually”. The statement given by Adam also dispelled rumors of him being gay , him mentioning he is only into girl’s.

Adam has not married yet even after dating numerous celebrities he has said he has yet to find someone who will be his wife. At the moment he has said he does not have a girlfriend or is even set his eyes on dating because he is too busy recording his upcoming studio album. Adam’s ethnicity is of a Jewish background. Adam’s net worth is a whooping sum of $50 Million.

Adams is also known for his unusual quotes , one of which gained wide spread attention was “If dreams are like movies, then memories are films about ghost”.