Corey Hart and his wife, Julie, who he's been married to for 16 years getting a divorce?

HitBerryPublished on   23 Mar, 2016Updated on   23 Mar, 2016

There are many cases in entertainment industry where a celebrity has had a failed first marriage followed by a healthy, fulfilling relationship in their preceding try. But from the look of things, Canadian singer Corey Hart, is not going to be an addition to that list as rumors are coming out suggesting his fourth marriage is headed for divorce as well.

It is suggested that things between the Canadian singer and his wife is not at its best. After nearly 16 years of married life with Julie Hart, the two are going through a rough patch. After discovering the irreconcilable difference that exists between himself and his wife, Hart is headed for divorce once again.

Why the relationship between the couple has fallen out has remained a matter of speculation till now, as the couple have not yet confirmed anything about it. Hart is reportedly spending a lot of time in studio now, focusing on his upcoming album. He hardly spends any time with his wife and children these days, which is supposed to be the main reason of increasing distance that has developed between the two.

But this is not the first time Hart has put music before his personal life. Hart was only 11 years old when he performed on his first stage act, and he has been attached ever since.  He also represented Canada in the World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo in 1980. This was his first major public performance with his original material. His first album was released in 1982. The songs in the album reflected the adult relationship at the time.

Since then Hart has released eleven albums. All of his albums were somewhat successful. The most famous of his songs are “Sunglasses at Night” and “Never Surrender”. He has sold over 16 million records.  Nine of his songs have reached US Billboard Top 40 hits chart.

Hart has also received several awards throughout his career. He was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1984. He is also a recipient and nominee of prestigious Juno Award in Canada. His contribution to music has also been honored by the Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers in both Canada in the USA.

 Hart is also active across social media platform to keep his fans updated about his personal life. He can be followed on Twitter @hartluck. His Twitter has nearly half a million followers.  Hart has also mentioned in his previous interviews that he intends to keep his Web site and Facebook page updated with new offerings and video interviews depending on his schedule.

Most of his earnings come from the sale of his albums. He also tours around the world performing in concerts and gigs throughout the year, which also contributes to his earnings. Even though his net worth remains unrevealed at the moment, it will be of no surprise if it is in excess of $10 million.