Corey Feldman is Living Happily with Wife Courtney Anne Mitchell, Know their Married Life

January 9, 2018
First Published On: January 9, 2018
by Sam Smith

An American actor Corey Feldman, well known for his roles in films like The Fox and the Hound, Stand by Me, The Lost Boys, and The Goonies is happy in his married life with Courtney Anne Mitchell.

The handsome hunk of the Hollywood industry was in an on and off relationship with different ladies, but for now, he is married to the love of his life. Today, we are going to reveal about the love life of Corey Feldman and Courtney Anne Mitchell. Scroll to know about his marital status and romantic life:

Corey Feldman Married Courtney Anne Mitchell

As we have already mentioned above that the couple is happily married so lets us tell you that the couple got married on November 19, 2016, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

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[ CAPTION: Corey Feldman with wife Courtney Anne Mitchell ][ SOURCE: Today Show ]

According to PEOPLE,  Corey proposed to his longtime girlfriend Courtney Anne on their fourth anniversary of a dating relationship and tied the knot with his girlfriend less than two weeks after.

[ CAPTION: Corey and Courtney’s wedding day picture ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Corey shares the exciting news saying that he was a bit nervous just like other men. He also told that no man can know what a woman is thinking but he was expecting ‘yes’ from Courtney. He also stated that the proposal was because of his nervousness and fear of being rejected.

[ CAPTION: Corey and Courtney Kissing each other ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Although being married for more than a year, the couple is not planning to share a child. Maybe they are focusing on their career. Hopefully, we will get to know about their family.

Is their marriage still in the romantic phase?

Being together for more than 5 years and married for more than a year, are the couple still having a romantic relationship?


[ CAPTION: Corey and Courtney in red carpet ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

To break the ice, the couple is still having a very healthy and romantic relationship. They are seen together most of the time and also shares photos of them together on a social media platform.


[ CAPTION: Corey and Courtney enjoying their vacation in Hawaii ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The couple is seen together in most of the red carpet events. Likewise, on a recent note, the couple was seen in Hawaii together in their summer vacation. They have posted a photo of them together with Corey in shorts and Courtney in a bikini. So, we may say, they are still in the romantic phase.

All in all, the couple is together for more than five years; four years of dating and a year of marriage, which is a very long time to understand each other.

The couple is as happy as they could be. Regardless of Corey's accusation of sexual harassment against Jon Grimmson, Courtney and he are not affected by the news and they still stay as a romantic couple.