Consumer Electronics Show 2018's top innovative gadget list

Consumer Electronics Show 2018 is going to be hosted on Tuesday and the city of LAS VEGAS is ready to invite the science fair and here are some behind the scene story.

We have a Sneek a Pic from the world's biggest consumer trade show. Each year, CES, selects 20 products for the CES Innovation Awards, as the honor to outstanding design of engineering, in consumer tech products.

[ CAPTION: CSE Showcases Cool Tools Again ][ SOURCE: CSE Showcases usatoday ]

The show will feature computer accessories, 3D printing,  home appliances, home speakers, robots and cameras. But the products to qualify, have to be released in-between April 2017 and April 2018.

So let's quickly take a look at the products here at Hitberry:

Buddy is a personal robot designed as a multitasking AI robot for daily uses. and features reading the weather or offering you great recipes.

AR4X camera Face reader camera is another highlight of the show, The security camera robot is considered to recognize faces and lets the owner know if unknown people show up at the door.

Olie smart lamp InstruMMents is another gadget of interest as it responds to commands via Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant.

Nura headphone costs around $400 and promises to adopt sound by turning your ears into speakers.

Nuviz, another cool motor driving gadget which costs around $700 and it's work is to show a display unit for motorcycle helmets which comes along with the navigation, music, built-in action camera which will make your motor driving experience a little cooler.

Aipoly is an AI that makes your shopping easier as it compares best buys from adds available.

Mars another cool gadget in a form of earbuds that will be marketed in Asia in early 2018, promising real-time language translation. Find more action Tuesday, Day after Tomorrow on the Tech Fair.