Constance Zimmer Living Happily With Fiancée Russ Lamoureux, Know about her love life.

HitBerryPublished on   11 Oct, 2017Updated on   21 May, 2021

A renowned American actress, Constance Zimmer is able to rule over the heart of her fans. But who is the lucky man who is ruling in her heart? Zimmer who is best known for her role in series like Entourage, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Boston Legal has not only given her heart to someone else but is also engaged. Keep on scrolling to know more about her love life and fiancée.

Well, even though Zimmer has not tied the holy knot yet, she is living happily with her beloved fiancée for a very long time. Zimmer, who is also known for her comedy role has not been unsuccessful in making her fans smile. Similarly, she will not fail to make you smile again with her amazing love story.

Constance Zimmer not Married but in Relationship since seven years

A famous American actress, Zimmer is engaged to an American screenwriter Russ Lamoureux. They got engaged on June 2010 and have been living happily ever since. They met each other three years before they were engaged in 2007. The couple was expected to tie the knot in 2010, but they decided not to marry that soon. Moreover, they are still not married but are extremely happy with each other.

Constance Zimmer with her long time fiancee Russ Lamoureux Constance Zimmer with her longtime fiancee Russ Lamoureux, Source: Zimbo

Well, even though, Zimmer and her fiance Russ is not married yet, once in an interview with ‘People’, Constance Zimmer revealed that her “husband” handles all of the cooking and cleaning. This leaves us in doubt that they’re already married.

However, there are no pictures on their social sites which proves that they’re married. They have also not announced it in any media that they are officially married. Maybe because they are together for a long time now, they address each other as ‘spouse’.

Daughter of Constance Zimmer with her fiancée

Zimmer and Russ have a cute 9-year-old daughter together. Her full name is Colette Zoe Lamoureux and she was born on 5th of January 2008. The couple only has a child till date and they don’t seem to be planning for the next child.

A cute family picture of the actress Constance and family A cute family picture of the actress Constance and family, Source: Getty Images

On an interview with “People” in 2014, Constance mentioned that her daughter is much into poetry. The actress said that her daughter started writing from the age of 6. She said,

I think that it’s so impressive because she’s writing poetry and she’s like, ‘Mom, it’s okay if it doesn’t rhyme. It doesn’t have to be long or short.’

She added,

I said, ‘You’re right! It can be whatever you want it to be. That’s your poetry because you’re an artist!’

This shows that Zimmer is an encouraging mom. She started encouraging her baby daughter from the age of 6, just imagine how much she will help her in her daughter's future career! Let's now hope that the couple soon announces their marriage and be official 'husband and wife'.