Conrad Black and his wife, Barbara getting a divorce?

March 23, 2016
First Published On: March 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Are popular former newspaper publisher and author Conrad Black and his wife, Barbara getting a divorce?

None of the sources give any legitimate back up for the news of the couple getting divorce. So, they might not be getting divorce any time soon. Or it may just be the part of celebrity gossip. Actually, the couple are in a very happy marriage as of now.

Black was initially married to Joanna Hishon of Montreal. She worked as a secretary in his brother’s brokerage office. Black has two sons and a daughter from his first wife.

Black and his first wife Hishon got divorced in 1992. They started living separately from 1991 and the divorced was finalized in 1992.

The rumors hit that Black was involved into secret affair with Amiel prior to his divorce with Hishon. This may be one reason behind his first marriage falling apart.

In the same year of 1992, Black got married to Barbara Amiel. Amiel is a renowned British journalist. They are popular for being romantic even at their old age. They do not feel ashamed to publicly show their love for each other. The courtroom evidence revealed that they exchanged over 11,000 emails prior to getting married.

If we have to quote the words of Black for Amiel, it goes the following way.

“Barbara is "beautiful, brilliant, ideologically a robust spirit" and "chic, humorous and preternaturally sexy”.

On February 14, 2011, on the account of public valentine greeting, Black wrote:

“I have been persecuted and Barbara was under no obligation to share fully in the life-enhancing and undoubtedly character-building experience of sharing that fate with me completely. But she has, and no one can know, and it is beyond my power adequately to express here, what her constancy has meant to me”.

The email further reads “For more than four years before I was sent to prison, she toiled with me against the heavy odds generated by the legal and media onslaught. She endured an avalanche of abuse directed at her (although she wasn't accused of anything) as extravagant, flakey, apt to bolt, domineering, and what Kafka called "nameless crimes."

Additionally it reads “For the next 29 months, she led a lonely life in Florida, in a climate that aggravated her medical problems. And once or twice every week, she got up at 3 a.m. to drive over four hours to see me”.

Well! This message went viral that time. They were even taken as a role model for how a marriage ought to be.

There is vast ocean of love in between the couple even at this stage. Nothing has changed until now. Hence, they are not getting divorce any time soon.

The net worth of the author is estimated to be £136 million.