Connie Smith and her husband, Marty Stuart, who have been married since 1997 are a musical duo

Who could have thought Connie Smith and her husband, Marty Stuart, who have been married since 1997 are a musical duo?

Smith has been married for four times, but it is strange how her marriage is lasting long with her fourth husband Marty Stuart who is by the way 17 years junior to her. Perhaps it must be true that love does not have age bars.

Their marriage is generally taken as an orthodox right on the face by the audience but it sure is the happy one like a fairytale.

Stuart was just 12 years old when he first met her. He says his mom introduces to her. Stuart was taken by his mother for her live concert in Mississippi. But who could have believed that they would end up getting married after decades? This thing called destiny is a real enigma. Don’t you think?

She was my mother’s favorite singer. We had a record of her at our house called ‘Miss Smith Goes to Nashville.’ It had a beautiful photograph of her on the cover,” Stuart tells The Boot. “I thought she was the prettiest girl in the world, so I had my mama take me to buy me a yellow shirt, so Connie would notice me that night.

He further adds “After the concert, me and my sister got our picture made with her, and I got her autograph. On the way home, I told my mama that I was going to marry her,” he adds. “It took 25 years to figure it out, but it worked!”

Smith and Stuart got married in 1997. They dated for almost three years before tying a not. It was rumored that Smith was against marrying Stuart even after they dated for those years, But Stuart had always been stubborn for her.

“We make the Lord the center … and commit,” says Smith. According to him, Smith is the most beautiful girl he has ever encountered. “She hasn't changed a bit, she looked great then and she looks great now”, he says.

Stuart appreciates how his wife has taught so many things. “With Connie, I have learned about balancing love and music. She puts a whole lot more emphasis on family life than I ever did, and she’s been a great sense of balance to me.”, He says.

We must say the music industry is rich to have Musicians and singers like Smith and Stuart. Their duo has always rocked the show.

In November of 2008, Smith joined the cast of Stuart’s tv series ‘The Marty Stuart Show’. The thirty-minute program features traditional country music performed by both Stuart and Smith. After that, the duo started getting famous and the songs written by the pair have been appreciated by most of the audience. This has certainly increased their net worth.