Connection Between the Heart and the Brain; Find the Ways to Control Over Heart and Brain Diseases

April 18, 2017
First Published On: April 18, 2017
by HitBerry

The relation between heart and brain are clear to many people after so many achievements by the medical sector; the brain is the largest network or the commander of our body, which directly controls our body parts including the heart.

The brain directly tracks the heart through the parasympathetic and the sympathetic branches of the autonomous nervous system that includes of multi-synaptic gateways from myocardial cells to peripheral ganglionic neurons and also to cardiac neurons and central preganglionic.

Cardiac activities affected through the reflex activation of cardiac autonomous and also through the central autonomic commands involving other related with stress arousal, physical activity, and sleep.

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Some research on heart-brain connection

Some people believe that if someone is full of anger, it might improve the risk of depression and if you have depression you have a high chance to get a heart attack.

Dr. Gergory and Dr. Windsor in their book, The Heart-Mind Connection, examine the relation of heart and brain, which showed that negative emotions can cause heart disease.

M&B says that either mind affects the heart or the vice versa, there is a connection between mood and disorders such as anxiety, anger, depression, and hostility directly to the human heart.

Further, the major depressive disorder is a condition diagnosed by specific symptoms, and it includes getting too many depressed days, losing pleasure in life etc.

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Ways to control over heart and brain diseases

Get mental stimulation

Research made on humans and mice took out that brainy activities stimulate new communication within nerve cells as well as helps the brain to create new cells, generating neurological plasticity and by developing up a functional store that provides a hedge against future cell loss.

Be physically fit by exercise

Research results using of muscles also helpful for the mind. The animal who has more physical strength and physically fit enhance the number of blood vessels, which bring fresh blood to the networks of the brain, which is responsible for thought.

Regular exercise decreases the blood pressure, diabetes as well as diminishes heart attacks and mental stress.

Selection of healthy food.

Healthy food represents the balanced diet, which is the consumption of foods from the different varieties and with right quantities. Basically, there are five food groups’ whole grains, protein, diary, fat, and sugar, fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetables contain a large amount of vitamin, mineral, fiber nutrients, which is a necessity to our body for best performance.

Several studies showed that a good management of fruit and vegetables helps to protect from diabetes and different heart diseases.

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Manage good sleep

A quality sleep is essential for taking out toxins and protecting the brain. Many adults need a good sleep for above 6 hours. Maintaining a good sleep on regular basis helps to releases from your daily stress and sharpen your brain.

Forget smoking

Smoking gives us a lot of negative impacts in a couple of different ways. It alters the normal quality of blood, and it enhances the amount of plaque developed in the arteries. Reduction in the use of smoke also reduces the risk of stroke.

Meditation and Yoga

The aim of meditation is becoming more health conscious mostly for heart and brain, medication permits to identify and control over emotions as well as reduces the stress and other mental illness.

Yoga is being the best choice for many people to improve their health, which includes most of the body parts, it is an impressive way to control over heart, mental and physical health.

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