Composer John Morris, looks back at some of his best songs and compositions

January 28, 2018
First published on:December 28, 2015
by HitBerry

John Morris is the retired composer who was famous as one of the greatest composers in the film industry. While looking back to his achievements, John has talked about some of the best songs and compositions of his career.

Here we will talk about John Morris's some of best song and composition and also about his career. So without wasting time let's dig deep into the theme story.

Retired Composer John Morris

John Morris is best known for composing the theme for the outstanding movie “The Elephant Man”. The theme song of the movie was his hardest task as a composer. He said that the beauty of the composition is credited wholly to his hard work and dedication.

[ CAPTION: John Morris (composer) ][ SOURCE: Alchetron ]

John has never thought he will be able to come up with a composition that would best suit the movie. However, after months of sleepless nights and constant hard work, he was able to create the perfect score for a wonderful movie.

John’s other distinguished composition is the theme for the movie “Young Frankenstein”. He has disclosed the reason behind the beautiful score  He continued working in the same energy in the score as he had done with “The Elephant Man”.

Composer John Morris career

Over the years, John has been able to prove his caliber as an outstanding composer with songs such as “Recapitulation”, “John Merrick and "Psalm”, “Bag in Hall”, “Bar Source”, “High Anxiety” and “The French Mistake”.

John has a distinct feature involving the bass at irrelevant timings, which has made his composition outstanding and unique at the same time. As like a pro composters, in the beginning of his career, John possessed a spectacular talent which is hard to find in other composers.

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Moreover, John is the only person ever to manage to film "The Ramones" live at the CBGB back in the 80’s. In his illustrious career, John has worked in over fifty films and over two dozen TV series. He is also known for his various compositions for stage plays and a number of Broadway musicals.

While talking about his personal life, John lives a very simple and lonely life. Most of his friends have said that his life was in the studio and one always found him there no matter what time it was. Although he has chosen music as a life partner he has said a statement regarding his married life.

I have already chosen my wife and its music.

However, in the past, John was linked to many personalities, but nothing substantial came of it. His good friend and director Mel Brooks has said that he has had various affairs with many women but he always went back home to the love of his life, music, and composition.

Updated: John Morris was married for 70 years and is blessed with two son and five grandchildren. Moreover, the news about John Morris death has also disclosed. His granddaughter has disclosed the fact which is still kept under the mystery.

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