Complete Analysis on Derek Carrier, age 25, his slow and torturous climb into NFL and his staggering salary

HitBerryPublished on   08 Dec, 2015Updated on   25 May, 2021

Derek Carrier is the current tight end player for the Washington Redskins. He also officially has the worst hair cut in the NFL. He seems to have embraced the rookie hazing haircut, which is awful in every aspect and any manner that he has been trying to pull it off.

Derek, who was the star footballer in Beloit College, failed to secure a concrete contract with any major team in his draft year and was signed by the Oakland Raiders as an undrafted free agent. In the Raiders team, he failed to impress the management and was soon sent packing to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Derek, on his time with the Eagles, caught the attention of the coaches and was included into the practice squad. However, the impression was not substantial enough for the coaches to give him a spot on the team and he was once again seen searching for a new team.

Derek, after two years of his draft, was still team searching, which he has said at times let him down and even depressed him a bit, but he continued to believe in himself and his ability. He was then called on by the San Francisco 49ers and immediately made the practice squad. In a short while was promoted to the active roster.

San Francisco 49ers just happened to be what Derek needed as a player and he shone on the field for the team and was soon considered to be one of the team’s most critical players. This year, he signed a new contract with the team for $3.3 million.

Derek, who in 2012 was an undrafted player only getting to play practice games, this year had become one of the players to watch out for in the NFL. After he began to gain attention from top NFL cubs, he was traded to the Washington Redskins on the condition that he be picked in the fifth round of the 2016 NFL draft.

In his second professional game for the Redskins, he scored his first carrier touchdown. Currently he has been Washington’s number one tight end and the team clearly has been relying on him for the crucial wins.

Derek has one of the most remarkable new comer stats in NFL. In just four games he has managed 21 receptions and has gone a total of 212 yards with one touchdown already in his name.

Derek is also excited to join his main team, the San Francisco 49ers, next year so he can help the team reach the play-offs. The management of the San Francisco team has also said that they have been looking forward to Derek’s return to the team.

Derek is just 25 years in age and his height is 6 feet, making him one of the tallest tight end players in the NFL. Derek’s yearly salary by the team has been reported to be $1 million per year in direct salary, excluding endorsement deals and other perks and incentives.

Derek is not much of social net worker and seldom uses Twitter.