Complete analysis of Hunter Tylo's plastic surgery and the shocking transformation of her face over the years

HitBerryPublished on   13 Dec, 2015Updated on   10 May, 2021

The temptation of staying forever young seems to have got better of Hunter Tylo. The actress, who plays the role of ‘Dr. Taylor Forrester’ in popular TV series ‘The Beauty and The Beast’, used to be regarded as one of the few natural beauties from 80’s still active in Hollywood today. But, the actress has recently gone through a number of cosmetic surgeries

Comparisons between newer and older photographs of the actress clearly reveal that her face is getting younger as she gets older.  The most striking difference between her new and old photographs is her lips. Tylo has thin, lighter lips that fit her perfectly in her early photographs. But, in the newer pictures, her lips seem thicker and plumper, a clear effect of ‘Lip Fillers’.

Tylo also seems to have gotten a breast surgery. Her breasts have definitely grown in size in her recent photographs. That could only be possible through plastic surgery. The actress’ cheek also seems to have gotten much thicker lately, despite her growing age.

Close inspections of the actress’ photograph also reveal that she had done rhinoplasty, a surgery to modify nose, done on her nose. Her almost perfect skin could also be the result of Botox, a drug used by surgeons to remove wrinkles.

Looking beautiful is very advantageous. But turning to plastic surgery has its own drawbacks.  Hunter Tylo was highly respected throughout the Hollywood for her naturally amazing looks. But, she now has joined a long list of celebrities who lost their natural beauty because of surgery. Also, many of her own fan consider her new look to be very dull. They have claimed that her attractive personality has somewhat vanished as she has turned into somebody she is not.

Hunter Tylo was naturally pretty and she didn’t need any surgery to look beautiful. She had millions of fan before she had her plastic surgery. In fact, most of her fans would not want her to get a plastic surgery at all. Many of her well wishers believe that she looked hotter and sexier prior to her surgeries. They also don’t want her to take any of the unnecessary health risk that multiple plastic surgeries bring.

Tylo has been married three times in her life already. Her last marriage was to Gerson Achillia in Nevada, Las Vegas on 2009. She is very happy with her last marriage.  She has 4 children from all of her marriage. Reports suggest even though she had divorced her two former husbands, she is still friends with them.

Tylo, besides working as an actress, is also an author.  Her yearly salary is expected to be approximately $2 million dollars. It is estimated that her net worth is near $10 million dollars.