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Comedian Matt Lucas writes heartfelt letter to teenage boy suffering from hair loss, also recently seen with a hot new boyfriend

August 2, 2015
First published on:August 2, 2015
by HitBerry

Comedian Matt Lucas won our hearts with his performance in Bridesmaids.  Now, he is back doing other hearttouching things. Lucas reportedly wrote a heartfelt letter to 14 year old fellow alopecia sufferer, Jacob Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick was diagnosed with Alopecia following several visits to different doctors. He began losing chunks of hair when he was 10 years old, he also began to suffer from a lapse in confidence.  His mother Sarah took Jacob to doctors to find out the reason behind this, and that's when he was diagnosed.

Talking about his condition, Jacob said, "I didn't know why it was happening or anything like that, so I didn't really know what to do. I was scared people would judge me, or stare at me."

But since then, Jacob has been able to regain some confidence. And It's all thanks to Matt Lucas.

Jacob's mother, Sarah wrote to the comedian, who is also one of Jacob's favorites, after he was diagnosed. She explained Jacob's condition to him. Lucas is also alopecia sufferer. After she wrote him the letter, Lucas got back to Jacob with some advice and inspirational words. A portion of the hand written note read: "It's nice not to have to get your hair cut and also on a hot day you can just take your hat off! And women find it sexy! You're gonna be fine!"

Jacob's mother said that she wrote the letter to Lucas but did not tell Jacob right away, because she did not want to get his hopes up. But she was really grateful when Lucas responded. She said, "To actually write that note, which was really personal to Jacob and obviously personal to him as well, really showed what sort of person he is and how kind he is."

While Lucas did tell Jacob that women found it "sexy", he personally plays for the other team. Earlier this year, Lucas was spotted with a younger man, who was suspected to be his boyfriend. Lucas and his supposed beau, 23 year old Luke Upton were seen together in Beverly Hills. According to reports, the pair met on Twitter. However, a representative for Lucas insisted that they were just good friends. Lucas has not dated anyone since his divorce from ex-husband Kevin McGee. McGee committed suicide in 2009, just ten months after the divorce. Mc Gee had had a history of drug abuse, which was also one of the reasons for the split between the two. The representative added, "Matt was heartbroken for a very long time, and didn't even want to think about dating anyone until recently, when he met Luke. They really hit it off, which is great to see." However, he still maintains that they were just friends.

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