Comedian Jon Lajoie shares his thoughts on dating and getting married

January 6, 2016
First published on:January 6, 2016
by HitBerry

Comedian Jon Lajoie always has something controversial to say, be it on current political and socio-cultural matter or even on his personal life. The actor uses blunt truth as his weapon. Using his wicked sense of humor, the actor gave a unique take on human relationship in a recent interaction with our sources.

The comedian, who is already 35 years of age, has claimed that he has not yet found someone who he deems worthy of being his wife. He has also hinted that his failure to find his future wife has made me skeptical about the whole concept of marriage. 

“He doesn’t quite understand the concept of marriage. It is impossible to sleep with one woman every day for the rest of your life when you know there are plenty more women, you could be dating. There is a whole ocean out there, so why should he fix himself to one fish an aquarium. This is what he thinks”, our sources inform. “He has not yet found somebody who has made him want to settle down,  have kids and give away the freedom that he currently has as a single guy”, he added.

Sources close to the comedian confirmed that the actor, despite his claims, does hopes to get married someday. Even though he doesn’t have a girlfriend right now, he reportedly considers settling down a viable option if the right girl comes along.

Lojoie started his career as a comedian through the French-Canadian sit com L'Auberge du chien noir. The performance he gave on the series instantly made him a Canadian Super star. His popularity among the English speaking fans grew when he was cast as Taco MacArthur in FXX TV show, The League.

The comedian regularly makes cameos in several famous comedy series. He also constantly performs standup comedy acts. Till now, he has been featured in only one movie. He played the role of a boss in the 2013 movie Let’s Be Cops. The comedian has made it clear in his recent interviews that he will be undertaking more movies projects in days to come.

Apart from being a successful comedian, Lojoie is also a very talented singer. He has released two Studio Albums up until now. He also released 14 singles along the way. The most popular song by him are 2012 single ‘The Best Christmas Song’ and ‘Birthday Song’.

Lojoie’s fan can follow him on social net working sites like Twitter to get information about the latest happening in his life. He can be followed on Twitter @jonlojoiecomedy. As of now, his Twitter account is followed by 273k of his fans from around the world.

The Canadian has estimated net worth of $2 million dollars.