Comedian Jamie Denbo and husband John Ross Bowie, who already have two children, preparing for a third baby

HitBerryPublished on   27 Dec, 2015Updated on   20 May, 2021

Comedian Jamie Denbo and husband John Ross Bowie have been married to each other since 2004. This lovely couple has two adorable children, a son and a daughter, together. And now, it seems the husband and wife duo is planning to have their third baby as well. 

Yes people! Rumor has it that the comedian duo is all set to welcome their third child in their sweet little family of four. A source close to the pair claimed that the proud parents of two want to be even prouder by bringing another soul to world (wink). The insider claimed that the comedian and her actor husband were eager to expand their family by having yet another child soon.

“Both Jamie and John love children and they are quite happy with their two kids. But, they want to double their happiness by having another child, a sibling to their baby boy and baby girl,” said the informant. 

They further added that the parents of two were already preparing for a third baby child and they had already started making plans for the unborn kid. 

“Jamie is not pregnant right now, but she and her husband and planning to try for another child. And if their plan works, then we might get the good news of her pregnancy.

“They are in love with kids, which is why they have decided to have one more. They think ‘one more child in the house won’t hurt’ and both Jamie and John are super excited to become parents for the third time,” explained the gossip monger. 

The anonymous source, who said that they were quite close to the couple also revealed that if Denbo gets pregnant, then she and Bowie would keep the news of them expecting a child away from the media and paparazzo for as long as possible. 

“They want it to be secret. If Jamie gets pregnant in the near future, then the family does not want the media barging their way into their private affairs. John took very good care of Jamie when she was pregnant with their first two kids and he intends to do the same this time too. So, he does not want anybody to know about their sweet little secret,” concluded the informant.

But we don’t think the news of Dendo’s pregnancy will remain hidden for too long, now that we know the secret (wink). 

If the couple is indeed planning to expand their family, we would like to wish the American actress and comedian from the FX series Terriers and her comedy writer and actor husband the very best future. 

The actress, who starred in Bang Bang! Podcast is happy with her husband of 11 years and two kids.