Comedian Eric Andre answers all your questions about dating and girlfriends

Eric Andre has almost always played the friend that grounds the main characters. In Don't trust the B---- in Apartment 23, he played Mark Reynolds, a friend of June (the main character) and potential love interest. In 2 Broke Girls, Andre plays Deke Bromberg, Max's friend and love interest. And recently, he plays Mike on the FXX sitcom, Man seeking Woman. Here, he (big surprise) is the main character's (Jay Baruchel's Josh) best friend.

After years of playing love interests to New York bound struggling girls, the comedian decided to answer some of his own dating questions. Talking to GQ earlier this year, Andre spilled the beans on his dating life.

Turns out he is not much of an online dater. When asked whether he was into online dating, Andre replied,"I've never done it? I've curiously looked at OKCupid, but I've never pulled the trigger. I guess I'm spooked out by it. I just feel like you're not going to feel like you're attracted to the person through their picture. I don't know, you catch a vibe; there is like a musk in the air when you are attracted to somebody that doesn't translate online."

While he did say that curiosity got better of him on rare occasions, he felt exposed and embarrassed about having an online dating profile.

Andre, who identifies as Black and Jewish (he is of mixed ethnicity), said that his secret method to picking up people is to go out and talk to people and hope to come off as "charming instead of idiotic and crazy."

When asked whether that has ever worked for him, he replied, "No, I'm a virgin actually! I'm saving my virginity for divorce. No—it has worked. I've had sexual intercourse before."

That is certainly a long way to go, since Andre doesn't have a wife and hasn't ever been married. When asked if he would ever be, he said, "I don't know. Maybe. I'll say this, I'm a monogamy agnostic."

"I'm not going to give myself any rules like, "monogamy is meaningless." I'm just going to go with the flow. I think people equate monogamy with exclusivity. Monogamy isn't just about sex. It's about sharing your life together. Starting a family. Raising children together. We put too much pressure on sex. All our attitudes of sex are totally warped by pilgrims, and pilgrims are these awful, puritanical, anti-sext Calvinists who left Europe because they thought it was a hedonistic sex cauldron. Uptight assholes shaped our whole attitude about sex and sexual exclusivity. I don't know. Fuck those pilgrims, man."

He also talked about his character on the show, who is a bit of a playboy. Apparently, he created a Tinder profile for himself in order to prepare for the role but did not talk to the people he met. He said, "No I basically disliked almost everyone. I liked a few people. I didn't have any info in my bio and I think I only had one picture up, so there were a few things working against me. The deeper I got into it, the more vulnerable I felt, and then I got into a fight with my ex-girlfriend and I deleted the account."


He also added that sometimes men may come off too aggressive on dating websites, saying that douchey gym selfies (we're assuming shirtless pictures) might be okay but asking someone to show their breasts might not be the way to go.

While he may not be on tinder anymore, Andre is still an active user on Twitter.