Comedian Dante Nero shares take on dating, girlfriends and gives out relationship advice

September 11, 2015
First published on:September 11, 2015
by HitBerry

Any one in need of a relationship advice should take it from Dante Nero. Dante’s Advice on relationships might not turn out to be what you would expect, but it will make you question yourself on the seriousness you have attributed to your situation.

Most adults have been known to find Dante rather vulgar and misogynist in his approach. But teenagers and young adults seem to love him for his rather direct stance on the topic. His ability to make teenagers think of their heart breaks as being insignificant whatsoever, has given him a huge fan base with the New York city teenagers and young adults.

Even though he has been criticized for some of his misogynist comments and advises, he isn’t biased towards men. He has also criticized men for being childlike when in a relationship. This, according to him, is one of the major issues faced by women.

Most of Dante’s advice comes through his Podcast and radio show, which he hosts in New York. The show is called The Beige Phillip Show. The show boasts of being a show tackling evolved dating and relationship podcast. He also regularly post feeds on his social networking profiles where he is seen giving advice in general to all.

Other than him giving relationship advice he also has some sort of tutoring classes on self improvement and social dynamics. His name Dante is derived from the famous Italian poet Dante and his second name is derived from the greatest of roman generals there ever was, who saw Rome burn and did nothing about it Nero.

Dante was born into a family of four and has been fending for himself since childhood. He was famous as a kid in his neighborhood for claiming an “I do myself “attitude. Dante began his career on relationship and social advice by returning e-mails to people. But soon, his popularity grew to such an extent that he started a one on one phone conversation and even this could not handle the traffic coming Dante’s way.

He eventually was given a job at a famous New York radio station as a relationship consultant and from then on, he has shown tremendous progress and now is a known figure in the New York area. He is one of the most popular Radio host and Podcast host in the east coast.

Other than hosting radio shows, Dante is known to have been part of some movies in his career. His most prominent linkage is to the 2009 Channing Tatum movie ‘Fighting’ .Although he has only had cameo appearances and nothing major, he has two other movies he can link his name to ‘The Nymphets’ which was released early this year and another movie called ‘Everyday People’.

Dante’s personnel life has remained a mystery throughout his career, so much so that we don’t even know what age he is at the moment or anything about his married life. We do not have any information about his wife or girlfriend or even his sexual preference – whether he gay or is he straight has all been a mystery to the world.  Dante is active on twitter and has twitted over 10k times since he joined in 2011 his net worth remains undisclosed by his agency.