Comedian Bill Bailey talks about his wife, married life and more.

HitBerryPublished on   29 Mar, 2016Updated on   29 Mar, 2016

English comedian Bill Bailey is a man of many talents; he pursues an accomplished career in acting and music alongside his comedic career. His skills as a radio presenter and an author is also admired by many. In a recent interview, Bailey has spoken about the role his wife plays in his life, his married life and various other things, that may be interesting to his followers.

Bailey has been married to his wife Kristin since 1998. Even after spending 18 years together, the magic between the couple has not faded a bit. Bailey revealed in the interview that he actually met his wife Kristin in a bar in Edinburgh, Scotland. Kristin was the owner of the bar, who grabbed Bailey’s attention, just as he laid his eyes on her.

Bailey also stated he maintained correspondence with Kristin, who was her wife to be through phones and mails. The two got closer with each other through their phone conversations. The two then, according to Bailey, decided to go for a tour in Indonesia together. They even got married to each other, while on their Indonesian tour. Bailey also stated that he is still deeply in love with the mother of his children, and will never divorce her.

The comedian also made it clear that his wife is really supportive of him in his career. He revealed, she gives him suggestions about, where the location of his next tour be, what type of movie he should perform and so on. Bailey even claimed his decision to get married to Kristin was one of the best decisions he had ever made in his life.

Bailey also opened up about he ended up in role as a Prostate Cancer UK ambassador. He revealed his father-in-law Peter was diagnosed with prostate cancer in year 2005. While going through this life changing experience, deep trauma and suffering. This, as Bailey says, inspired him to help the people going through the similar life experience and he decided to be an ambassador for Prostate Cancer UK foundation. He has reportedly risen over $2 million for his charity organization.

Bailey was voted as the 7th greatest stand-up comic on Channel 4’s ‘100 Greatest Stand-Ups’ in 2010.  He is also a member of a punk band Beergut 100, and has released a few songs under the name of the band, collecting modest commercial success. Bailey has also performed in movies like ‘Hot Fuzz’, ‘Love Soup’ and ‘Run Fatboy Run’

Because of skill-sets that spans through multiple discipline like acting, singing, writing and broadcasting, it is only natural that his net worth also valued very high. Though his net worth remains unrevealed officially, it is believed he earns huge amount of money through royalties, from his tours and comedy gigs.