Comedian Ari Shaffir happiest with ex-girlfriend Alison Reese, does not appreciate rumors about his dating life

HitBerryPublished on   11 Sep, 2015Updated on   11 Sep, 2015

Ari Shaffir isn’t someone who is associated with relationship gossips or rumors very often. Although he has had one or two instances where his love life was in the media, they are not substantial enough to form anything concrete. One of these instances, when he was linked to somebody was with his long time college girlfriend Alison Reese, with whom he had a long term relationship lasting over seven years.

Ari has said that he was happiest when with Allison and cherishes every moment they spent together. The couple were said to be inseparable by friends and family and had a good thing going. So naturally, everyone was shocked when the split. Ari, when asked about why his relationship came to a sudden halt, did not answer and kept away from this question. He has also told time and again “don’t ask me that? You’re never going to get it out of me.”

Apart from his most prominent relationship, Ari has never been known to have been involved with anyone in particular, although there have been a claims, Ari has dispelled all of them by saying they should look for better ways to attract attention. Another time, when Ari was not pleased about a rumor was when there was a speculation of him being gay.

Ari is a comedian and is well known for his voracious sarcasm. His popularity is unmatched in his field of sarcasm stand up’s .Due to his ever growing fan base he has landed many on screen roles as an actor and also has a number of Podcast shows running side by side.

Ari’s most prominent contribution to comedy films is Inappropriate Comedy which was his first and major success worldwide. The success of Inappropriate Comedy helped him to enlarge his fan base by ten folds. Following the success of Inappropriate Comedy he came out with his next film titled Ari Shaffir: Paid Regular. His second movie could not match the success of his first but won critical appraisal once again from all major critics around the world.

Ari’s most heard Podcast is the Chronic con, Episode 420: A new dope and is popular among emerging marijuana users worldwide and also voted the best podcast on marijuana in the year 2014. Ari has established himself as a comedian and now is looking to venture in to a career as an actor.

Ari has an estimated net worth of over six hundred thousand dollars. He is also very active on social networking platforms like twitter and Instagram. On Twitter he has a record 24k tweets with over 124k followers and can be followed under the username @ AriShaffir. He has the highest number of followers for a standup comic on Instagram as well with over 50k followers and is known to post regular funny feeds and can be followed at arishariff.